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Cyber Security

Not too long ago, I wrote about the Johnson Health Tech Co., a fitness equipment manufacturer that set up an office in the Philippines. The launch happened at Fairmont Hotel in Makati and addressed the great potential Philippines have for a strong fitness culture. In fact, in 2015, BBC announced that the Philippines have the fastest growing South East Asian economy, despite having the slowest internet. Nonetheless, many people consider it the next tech tiger. As mobile technological advances are also capturing this part of the world, there is the need to address cyber security solutions. With an SMS tapping software, you can protect yourself from potential harm and business losses.

Lurking Cyber Threats in 2016/2017

Cyber Security

It is time to revisit the cyber security threats to watch out for through 2016 and to know what measures you can take for your business and personal life as well. Here’s what you can expect to experience before the end of 2016 and probably into the first quarter of 2017.

You can expect:

  • Attacks on virtual payment systems that could extend to the latest Apple Pay service
  • Malware incidences involving banks where there is a breach of security.
  • Attacks on automated teller machines (ATMs)
  • Use of malicious software for OS X to push torrents and plagiarized software packages
  • Internet bleeding cases, where hackers get hold of old codes and expose the internet infrastructure to carry out attacks
  • Attacks against network printers and connected devices over the network to get into corporate networks and steal sensitive details
  • Widespread attacks on sources of information where business vulnerabilities lie, like emails, SMS, and calls.

Mobile Technology Increases Vulnerabilities

Cyber Security

Businesses use calls, text messages, and emails for correspondences. In fact, with fleet businesses and the need to have a mobile workforce increasing by the day, an increasing number of businesses are facing threats of losses. Fleet businesses are using Track My Workforce to keep track of their vehicles around the clock and to coordinate with them via emails. In addition, through GPS tracking, employers can know exactly where the vehicle is at any time of the day.

Hackers tend to steal sensitive information shared via calls, text messages, and emails. In fact, while businesses use social media platforms for marketing their vulnerabilities increase. Via Facebook messenger, marketing teams correspond with customers for brand marketing reasons, but at some point, they tend to give away sensitive information without realizing it. Therefore, businesses must take necessary measures to protect their company secrets and company’s image by screening what their employees share via emails, calls, and text messages.

Protect Information Using SMS Tapping Software

Cyber Security

By installing xnspy on the cell phones that employees use, you can screen every text message sent and received on the target device. This means that you can read the messages from your control panel and make sure that the employees do not say something too sensitive that can harm the business. You can also make sure that no employee takes part in espionage.

The “Watch-list Words” feature allows you to make sure that employees avoid using swear words or any abusive vocabulary while interacting with customers. This helps businesses to make sure that they protect their image while their team members market products and interact with potential customers or disgruntled customers. In fact, you can watch-list words in emails and watch-list email addresses too. Whenever specific email addresses communicate via email, the app notifies you.

XNSPY also allows you to record and listen to call and watch list contacts. This means that whenever specific contacts try to communicate with the target employee, the app notifies you. You can also listen to ambient sounds in the surroundings of the cell phone by turning on the recorder remotely. The files upload to the control panel. It also comes with the GPS tracking feature inbuilt, which helps you track the target cell phone anywhere in the world, not just in the Philippines.

Monitor Messages via Internet Messengers

Cyber Security

With this software, monitoring correspondences are not just limited to text messages. You can also screen entire conversations happening via internet messengers like WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, Viber, and Line. This means that you can screen all incoming and outgoing multimedia content on the target cell phone too. To avoid workplace harassment and intimacy, you can use this app to keep colleagues in check and under supervision. You can also see all call logs and access the contacts on these messengers remotely.

The app offers other monitoring features that also ensure a boost in productivity and better time management. The main purpose of technological advances in the world is to make sure that lives become easier and safer. Therefore, using such monitoring apps at work and in personal life can make life stress free, safer, and better at different levels.

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