Smackdown Live Nashville
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Daddy’s Hangout Smackdown Live Review from Nashville

Smackdown Live Nashville

Welcome to the 2nd week of Smackdown Live after the WWE Draft with it taking place in Nashville. After a very impressive edition of Smackdown Live last week, hopefully things continue to go that route seeing Summerslam is less than three weeks away. Since Randy Orton invaded Monday Night Raw to RKO Brock Lesnar, I’m sure that the Beast will look for some revenge on Orton. Let’s see what took place on Smackdown Live.


Opening Segment: Smackdown kicked off with Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon in the back watching Orton deliver the RKO to Lesnar on Monday Night Raw. Shane told him he was impressed with what he done, but he’s having security everywhere because he’s knows Lesnar will want revenge.

Ambrose/Ziggler Segment: It’s going to be hard with this face feud seeing both of them are faces, but they’re doing a great job. Ambrose basically preaching he’s better than Dolph and Ziggler saying that he’s had to kick, scratch & claw for everything he’s gotten in the WWE as he started as a male cheerleader and Ambrose started at the top as a member of the Shield. As Ambrose left, the light went out and Bray Wyatt laid Ziggler out with Sister Abigail and challenged him to a match to become the new #1 contender for the title.


Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto: This match was made because Miz complained about not getting respect even though he’s the Intercontinental champion. So Daniel Bryan made this match with the winner becoming the new #1 contender for the title. The match saw a lot of action and in the end, Crews rolled up Kalisto to pick up the win and become the new #1 contender for the Intercontinental championship. After the match, Corbin attacked Kalisto and Crews made the save, but Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on him then Corbin hit End of Days on Miz.

American Alpha vs. Vaudevillians: Really impressive debut from American Alpha and I believe these guys will be HUGE stars.

A.J. Styles/John Cena Segment: These two delivered really good mic work and of course, Cena delivered his usual “I Love WWE” stuff and the crowd ate it up. In the end, Styles challenged Cena to a match at Summerslam and Cena accepted.

Randy Orton vs. Fandango: Security was around ringside and Tyler Breeze even tried to interfere, but the Beast ran through security to hit the F-5 on Orton. He was escorted out by security!!


Dolph Ziggler vs. Bray Wyatt: This was a pretty entertaining match between these two as they fought to see who’ll face Ambrose at Summerslam. Ziggler hit Wyatt with a super kick to pick up the win. After the match, Rowan attacked Ambrose and Wyatt hit Sister Abigail on Dolph to end the show.


Eva Marie vs. Becky Lynch: No comment. Even though Eva Marie is fine as hell, she can’t wrestle for shit and before the match started she got injured.


Heath Slater Asking for a Job Again: He snuck into the arena as Lesnar was being escorted out and asked Daniel Bryan for a job. Bryan agreed to give Slater a match next week and then he was gored by Rhyno.


Natalya Attacking Carmella: Actually wanted to see her wrestle, but Natalya attacked her during the entrance and put her in the sharpshooter. Still skeptical on this one, but this could turn out good.


Overall Rating: 7/10- This was another good edition of Smackdown Live and I’m loving how things are going. My only gripes was nothing major as it’s more a wait and see approach.


Top 5 Happenings on Smackdown:

  1. Brock Attacking Orton
  2. J. Styles/John Cena Segment
  3. Ambrose/Ziggler Segment
  4. Dolph Ziggler vs. Bray Wyatt
  5. Debut of American Alpha


What did you think about this edition of Smackdown? What are your thoughts about American Alpha? Head to the comments section and leave some feedback.

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