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Vinyl: The Old-School Music Medium That Will Never Die

I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a time where vinyl music was at its peak. These days, the focus is on digital music and streaming technology. As you can imagine, plenty of people prefer such formats due to convenience benefits. But, just because vinyl is an old analog technology doesn’t mean it’s dead. In fact, far from it! Those records are an old-school medium used for decades. In fact, they date back to the 19th century! You would think that, given how we live in a digital age, vinyl would be long gone. What might surprise some people is that there’s plenty of life left in vinyl records! Here’s why you should enjoy your favorite music artists on vinyl:


Music sounds more authentic with vinyl

Audiophiles will all tell you one thing about vinyl records. The sound clarity just feels better and more “authentic” with vinyl! Sure, digital formats like CD and MP3 ensure lossless audio. But, they don’t reproduce the warm sounds you can only experience with vinyl. It’s one of the reasons why many DJs, for example, work with those records than digital mediums.

Vinyl reproduction is affordable

When you put music onto CDs, the costs can often be quite high. Especially if done on a mass scale. As a record company, you’d usually have to pass on those costs to your customers. Have you ever noticed how vinyl records are always cheaper than CDs? That’s because they are cheaper to produce! Don’t believe me? Check out the websites for firms like Nationwide Disc and Mobineko! As a music lover, it’s cheaper to amass a record collection than a CD one.


You can play vinyl records easily

When you have a CD, you have to find a CD player to listen to the music on it. You also need electricity in some format to power a CD player. With vinyl records, playback methods are more flexible. If electricity is sporadic where you are, you can use wind-up record players. You could even fashion a record player using just paper as the stylus and a DIY turntable! CDs, as you know, are in a digital format. They also need to get “decoded” to play. There are no such issues when playing back those old-school records.

Vinyl records are nostalgic

For many people, there is a certain nostalgia about owning vinyl records. It’s something that you don’t get with CDs or streaming music services like Spotify! There is also something rewarding and satisfying about owning a collection of vinyl records. Most people show off their collections by storing them in bookshelves in their homes.


You don’t need the Internet to play vinyl records

The problem with on-demand digital music is that you need an Internet connection. Sure, some services will let you store “offline” versions on your device. But, you usually have to connect to the service and re-download them once a month. One of the benefits of owning vinyl records is you don’t need the Internet to play them. As with CDs, all you need is a suitable playback device (i.e. a turntable)!

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