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82 Olympians Who Proves Age Is Not A Barrier To Be The Best

Athletes from around the world dedicate years – or their entire life – to competing in the Olympics. The strength and perseverance required to reach this goal has no age limit. This infographic, created by Athletic Edge Physiotherapy in Toronto, showcases some of the oldest and youngest gold medalists competing in the most popular Olympic games. The data for the infographic was crawled from the Olympic website and the individual Wikipedia pages for the athletes. The most popular games were determined using Google search results from the end of the 2012 London games to today. The ages of gold medalists include 13, 17, 34, 44 and 53. The youngest gold medalist, Marjorie Gestring, won gold at age 13 in diving for the United States in 1932. Many sports listed in the infographic include age gaps of over 40 years. The sports with the largest age gaps are golf and archery. For both, the youngest competitors won gold at age 17. The oldest gold medalist for golf, George Seymour Lyon of Canada, won at age 46 in 1904. Queenie Newall, won gold in 1908 at age 53 in archery for Great Britain.

These athletes didn’t let age stop them from training and competing in the biggest sporting event in the world. While not all of our athletic goals are as ambitious, this infographic can still serve as inspiration that age doesn’t define ability. If you’re not an athlete, this infographic can serve as a useful source of information for history’s oldest and youngest athletes.



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