Child's First Camping Trip
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Your Child’s First Camping Trip: How To Make It Special

Child's First Camping Trip

It seems like there are two types of people in this world. The first are the adventurous type, who will go camping in any location, whatever the weather. There are others that won’t even go camping if the weather is nice. They prefer the comfort of a warm bed and a roof over their head. This might be a controversial opinion, but I believe the reason for this is due to how they perceived it as a child. When you take your child on camping trips, you want them to remember the experience as a great one. Ideally, they’ll be asking to go again and again in the future. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the way it turns out. So, you need to make this trip special. Here are a few ways to do that.

Child's First Camping Trip


It all starts with the weather, and we know how bad a camping trip can go when it isn’t on our side. So, it’s crucially important to plan your child’s first camping trip on a weekend with good weather. If you’re going to be wrestling with the wind and rain, no one is going to be comfortable. This is the sort of thing that will make anyone wish for a comfy bed in warm surroundings. So, don’t let there be any doubt about this. If the weather’s going to be great, now’s the time to go.


It’s a rookie mistake to pack tents that aren’t equipped for the job. Sure, they’re expensive to buy, but you need to be willing to spend that money. Cheap, nasty tents aren’t going to provide the protection you need. You might get away with it in the sun, but if bad weather suddenly strikes, you’ll be in trouble. It might blow away, or it might start leaking during the night. You can’t afford for this to happen, and it’ll ruin everyone’s trip.

Travel Games

Kids get bored a lot, especially when you’re camping. It’s great when you’re all busy taking part in activities, but that isn’t always possible. Setting up the tents takes a long time. Driving to the location might also be a dull and boring affair. Cooking with camping equipment can also be a long and laborious job. You need ways to keep the kids busy while you’re doing all that. Travel games are a good choice, as are sporting equipment like soccer balls.

Child's First Camping Trip


Camping is a brand-new experience for kids, and there’s a lot to learn about it. You need to ensure they’re kept safe at all times, so make sure you pack what’s necessary. First aid kits are very important for starters. Also, bring a survival knife in case they get into any dangerous situations. A bad experience will certainly be enough to put them off forever!


If at all possible, it’s actually best to have a camping trip in the local area. This might seem a little strange, but it helps to reduce the boredom of traveling. Also, if you find that they just aren’t responding well, you can always go home. It’s important to pick the right location for your needs. Ideally, you want a visually impressive area that is quiet and allows you some freedom. You don’t want your vacation to be ruined by another family’s screaming kids and arguments all night!

Food/Drink Supplies

You must make sure you bring adequate food and drink supplies on the trip. Don’t underestimate just how hungry your children can be! Remember; periods of boredom bring on hunger. It won’t be long before they’re asking for copious amounts of food. The last thing either of you wants to be doing is trekking around looking for convenience stores. You’re there to have fun, so make sure you come equipped with the essentials. That way, there’s no need to waste time and drag out the boring elements of the trip.


While you might be using this opportunity to introduce your children to camping, it’s their holiday, too. Don’t make this all about you and your interests. If you want to take them walking in the hills, feel free to do so. However, once it’s all over, agree to do something they want to do. Maybe they want to go and play soccer at the local field? Maybe they want to go and visit the local video game arcade? Do it. Find a good compromise, and they’ll remember this vacation fondly. Make it all about you, and they probably won’t.

Child's First Camping Trip

Bring Their Friends

I can’t recommend this one enough! Bringing a child’s friend/s along is beneficial for all sorts of reasons. Firstly, it means that they’ll never get bored in each others company. It makes it more likely for the both of them to enjoy the vacation in the process. Also, it gives you periods of respite from needing to satisfy your children’s attentions. This is your chance to get away from it all and relax! You can’t always do that when you’re forced to entertain. Find a friend, bring them along, and all is good.

Comfortable Bedding

Here’s the last point I want to focus on. It’s no good simply having a comfortable tent. That’s a fine start, but you still need a way to sleep. Far too many of us settle for the ground we’re lying on, alongside a pillow or two. Instead, invest in air beds. You need that extra level of comfort for yourself and your children. Remember how I mentioned the desire of a comfy bed and warm surroundings? There’s no reason why you can’t have that in a tent. You just need to be willing to spend some money. In terms of warmth, invest in a good quality sleeping bag to deal with the elements.

We hope you’ve found this guide useful for planning your child’s first camping trip. Make sure you plan everything ahead of time if you want the perfect vacation. By ensuring you’ve done everything you can, you’ll find that things are much more likely to go smoothly.

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