Five Great Apps You Will Need For Summer

I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for hunting down the latest range of awesome apps. And to save you the trouble, I’ve found some great new apps from the likes of Polyvore, Lucky Nugget and many more than you have to check out to make the most of your smartphone this summer!



We all know that summer is all about leaving the house and enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately this can prove a little embarrassing as we try and fit in those swimming shorts, which is why downloading the Freeletics app is a great way to help us all get toned for the beach. Not only is the app able to act as your personal trainer, but the new Freeletics social update can also somehow make staying fit a whole lot more fun!

Lucky Nugget


Of course, it’s not just our bodies that we have to keep in shape, as our mental fitness has proven to be equally important. And with many scientific studies showing that gaming can have many positive effects that can keep the dopamine flowing at the end of a day, it’s worthwhile to check out the games of poker, slots and roulette that can be seen at Lucky Nugget casino that can test your grey matter and provide some very handy winnings too!



Once you’ve picked up your winnings from Lucky Nugget, then you may be looking for some particularly fashionable wares to spend your money on. This is where the Polyvore app comes in handy, as it can help you discover the latest stylish trends for 2016 and even help you hunt down a few online bargains too!



But what happens when you pick up that amazing suit and then realize you still need to shed a few more pounds to fit in it? Then you definitely need to get the MyDietCoach app that can act as a guide to ensuring that you’re getting all of the nutrients you need to stay fit, whilst providing a series of helpful motivational tips that will keep you looking trim for the new season.


Spotify App

And finally who could resist the musical fun that can be enjoyed from the Spotify streaming service. Although we’ve already pointed out the joys of vinyl, there’s something about being able to instantly find just about any song from recorded history, and then share it on a playlist with a friend that proves that, alongside the offerings at Lucky Nugget, the digital revolution is one of the best things ever!

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