Interested in Sports
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Easy Methods To Get Your Kids Interested In Sports

Interested in Sports

As parents, we all know how important it is to keep our kids active. Allowing them to become couch potatoes is irresponsible and detrimental to their health. But getting them outdoors can sometimes require a lot of persuading. The easiest way of making being active sound more fun and appealing is by getting your kids interested in sports. If your children think that football or basketball is fun or cool, it can make them more eager to play and get outside. This can be challenging for parents but not completely impossible. If your child isn’t currently showing any interest in sports, here are some easy methods that might change their mind.

Show them sports movies

Showing your kids movies about sports is an excellent way of piquing their interest. If your kids can see how much fun the characters are having, it might entice them to try it out themselves. You could show them basketball movies like Space Jam or ice hockey movies like Mighty Ducks. Cool Runnings, A league of their own and Air Bud are also good options. Once it’s finished, ask them what they thought and whether they want to play a game of football or baseball with you. While watching movies together is fun, always ensure that it is age appropriate for your child. You should also ensure they are only watching two hours of TV each day to keep them fit and healthy.

Interested in Sports

Take them to a game

If you’re passionate about a particular sport, why not take your child to a local game. This can give them more knowledge and insight into what is involved. You can talk them through the rules and explain what each player’s role is. They might have questions about the uniforms or the markings on the court or pitch. If you are unsure yourself, you can do some research online together when you get home. You can celebrate together when your team scores a point and talk about the players you thought played well. This could be an incredible bonding experience and something you start to do more regularly. If they enjoyed the sport, you could also sign them up to a local kids team.

Look at sports statistics together

If you’re child is interested in world records, this can be a great way of getting them more interested in sports. Sports stars are always breaking records, particularly during competitions like the Olympic Games. You and your child can research the statistics of athletes such as Usain Bolt or Serena Williams online for example. This will impress your child, and these stars may even become their new role models. Children often want to follow in the footsteps of their heroes. So this should encourage them to want to play the same sport as them.


If your kids still aren’t showing any interest, it might be time to take a step back. Forcing your child to like something is never recommended. They may just need time to find a sport more suited to their skills and interests.

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