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Men’s Fashion- Tips for Dressing for the Outdoors in Summer

Dressing for the Outdoors

During the summer, you’ll probably start to feel a lot more get-up-and-go in the morning. You’ll probably want to make the most of the awesome weather, and go on a few more family outings to spend time together. For all of these occasions though, you’ll need the right attire, so today’s post is all about men’s fashion when it comes to the outdoors. Here are just a few outings that you may have to plan an outfit for…

Camping with the family

A lot of people think that once their kids get older they can’t do anything fun with them anymore, but this is far from true – in fact, a whole other world of activities has opened up. Now that my kids are older, we can do more strenuous activities together without me having to worry about if they fall, if they can’t make it all the way and so on. That’s why I like to do things like hiking, camping out and fishing during the summer. There’s a huge list of things to take with us, but in terms of fashion, you need to think practically. Go for canvas trousers that go all the way to your socks, to provide maximum protection against the brush, but they’re lightweight too in case of high temperatures. Then for your top, invest in a waterproof that can be rolled up and put in your backpack, but I’d go for a plain tee whilst hiking to give you the best ventilation.

Going to summer festivals

Whether it’s a huge town barbecue or a music festival, you’ll most likely have to go for the smart casual look. I’d wear a smart polo shirt to start with, as you won’t get too hot throughout the day, but it still has plenty of sun protection. Then on your bottom half I’d go for some brightly patterned shorts and either flip flops or sandals – whichever you feel the most comfortable in. Just make sure before you go to any of these that you check where it is and if they have any special activities. If you’re going to be dragged onto a water slide by the kids then you’ll need to make sure those shorts are the swimming variety, but if it’s in a muddy field, you’ll have to swap those sandals for boots.

Heading off on holiday

Traveling abroad for the summer is always exciting, but there’s a lot of planning involved and that includes you’re travelling gear. I’d definitely wear a pair of jeans like these loose fitting ones from Jacamo if you’re going on a plane, as it can get very cool very quickly. You can simply keep a pair of shorts in your hand luggage for when you arrive at the other side if you’re going somewhere hot. Go for trainers or your most comfortable pair of shoes too, as you’ll be doing plenty of walking through airports.


What summer outings are you going to with your family this year?

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