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What You Didn’t Know About Owning A Used Luxury Car

There’s nothing that rounds off a luxury lifestyle quite like driving a gorgeous car. Cruising down winding country roads with the top down and music blaring is enjoyable enough in any vehicle. However, when you’re surrounded by gorgeous leather work and handling an impressive engine, the experience is truly euphoric. Like many people who want a taste of luxury, you may be considering buying a used luxury model. If this is the case, here are a few things you may not know about owning a luxury car.

Luxury Car

First of all, owning a luxury car is often cheaper than you may think. We all understand how depreciation works in the used car market. You buy a car for one price, then after several years and a few thousand miles, its value drops. You may not be aware of it, but luxury cars tend to depreciate much more rapidly than lesser models. This is due to the incredible production numbers of these cars and the relatively low demand. Targeting a car that first hit the market in the past few years will cost you a small fortune. However, if you can track down a model from the early noughties, you’ll be able to get it today for a tenth or lower of the original price. There may be some minor damages to the car, but the money you sink into repairs will be well worth it! While buying a used luxury car may surprise you by how affordable it is, you should also know that some of the things you’d expect to be cheap can turn out very expensive. For example, many luxury car keys are laser cut and one-time dealer encoded. This means that if you wanted to cut a spare set of keys, no independent locksmith would be able to help you. In most cases, you’d have to talk to an official dealership, and have a factory-cut key made up. The price for this varies, but you can be pretty certain that you won’t like it! This is a pattern you’ll find in a lot of other areas. New batteries, fluid re-fills, and all sorts of other routine maintenance can be extremely costly when you’re driving a used luxury car. Certain things like air filter changes and mobile tyre fitting won’t be affected all that much, but these are in a minority. Before you settle on the year and model you’re going to buy, it would be a good idea to do some research into these kinds of costs.

Luxury Car

Another pretty encouraging thing about buying a used luxury car is that you’ll still be driving a better overall machine than a lot of modern cars currently on the road. Sure, some of the low-end models on the market today will come with all kinds of technological gimmicks which a used luxury model lacks. However, there are certain areas where an old luxury car surpasses anything that’s being churned out of factories in 2016. For example, there are many 10-year old Mercs on the used market today which come with double-pained glass with a layer of air in between for better sound insulation. Other classic features like having separate air vents for the front and back seats are also pretty common in older luxury models, and hard to find in others. I remember being driven around in a BMW saloon from the noughties that had an audio system which detected any cabin noise, and then adjusts the volume automatically. When you compare these kinds of features with some of the cheaper cars of 2016, the choice becomes a no-brainer! Finally, if you have young kids, their normal behavior will become much more costly. Everyone knows that kids spill things and make a mess sometimes. They’re not trying to be destructive at all, they’re just being kids. If one of your children were to spill juice all over the fuzzy upholstery of a hatchback, then it’s no big deal. However, when it’s on the custom cream leather interior of a Jag, then it’s a completely different story! Getting these kinds of messes cleared up in a luxury car can be extremely costly, even more so if you buy a real classic. Your options here are to cover the seats in plastic, making them uncomfortable and ugly, become a real drill sergeant and risk making your kids afraid of being in the car, or ignore it and end up spending a small fortune in repairs. If you have kids, you need to spend a lot of time mulling over the purchase.

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