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Eye Care For Your Kids is a Must So Think About Your Eyes

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It’s hard to believe that summer vacation is over, and the kids are back in school. There are so many things that we go through before my kids go back-to-school, which includes doctor visits, trips to the dentist and our annual eye exam. We have been lucky that neither of my kids haven’t had any major issues when it comes to their health, but before my son started middle school, he started getting headaches, and it had to do with his eyes.

Six years later, my youngest daughter is starting middle school, and the same thing has happened to her. During her eye exam, the doctor determined she was near-sighted and was really in need of glasses. For anyone who wants more information about eye health, check out Think About Your Eyes. Think About Your Eyes is a national public awareness campaign that promotes the benefits of eye health, urging people to get annual comprehensive eye exams. You can take them to eye doctor who specializes working with kids also. The Pediatric Eye Exam is great for infants, preschoolers and school-age children.


Did you know that August is Eye Exam Awareness Month, so please set an appointment for your child because eye health is very important? Nearly 24% of parents wait until their child develops symptoms before taking them to the doctor. So many issues can develop if the eyes are not being taken care of, not to mention they could lose their vision in the process so early identification of your child’s vision problems are crucial. Experts say 5% to 10% of preschoolers and 25% of school-aged children have eye problems. It’s scary that only 40% of parents feel an eye exam is a vital part of their kid’s health, but 80% of parents think yearly trips to the dentist, and pediatrician are a must.

Scheduling a comprehensive eye exam before school starts in the fall allows for an optometrist to catch and correct any vision problems that may interfere with learning. Parents can’t wait for their children to say they aren’t seeing well as children don’t know what “normal” vision is. Did you know that half the parents believe only kids who need glasses or contacts need to see a doctor? Let’s not wait until your child’s eyes become an issue by visiting a Think About Your Eyes eye care professional by going here to find an eye doctor near you to schedule an exam.


Final Thoughts:

Ever since I became a parent, I’ve taken my kids eyes very seriously because I had an ordeal myself in high school. When I was in 9th grade I had issues with my eyes and eventually had to have laser surgery which forced me to miss about 6 weeks of school. Even though it has been several years, the memories will always be with me and I would never want my kids go through that ordeal.

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