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Want To Raise Outdoors-Loving Kids? 5 Lessons You Must Learn


For those who don’t understand today’s so-called ‘technological revolution,’ it’s hard to comprehend it. Our kids are spending way more time indoors, playing video games and browsing websites on their tablets. There are so many indoor activities at their disposal that it can be difficult to get them enjoying the outside. But, it can be done. You’re going to need to abide by five important lessons to achieve this goal, and we’re going to list them for you now.

Don’t Set An Agenda

Disappointment and frustration can easily set in when you’re not following an agenda to the letter. When your kids are exploring the outdoors, though, you should expect the unexpected. They’re going to want to look in caves, and throw rocks along the river. They’re going to want to learn how to fish, and understand how to make a campfire. These are all activities that might deter from your schedule, but who cares?! The most important thing is that they’re exploring the outdoors.


Frustration Shouldn’t Take Over

The first few times that you go exploring with your kids, it’s exciting. You’ll probably drum up an image in your head of the perfect day or weekend that you want to have. That normally doesn’t happen. For those who aren’t used to the outdoors, it’s going to take a while to adapt. They might get bored. They might get tired. They might simply just get upset and fed up. If you give into frustration, they’ll soon marriage the experience with anger and irritation. That’s a sure-fire way of putting them off for life.

Explore Further Afield

You can’t understand the addictive qualities of today’s technology without being gripped by them. Exploring in the near area is both dull and fails to detach your child from their technology-filled world. However, by going on a longer adventure across the country, they’ll slowly adapt to the outdoor lifestyle. You can do this however you want. You could buy a fifth wheel RV and see where the road takes you. You could go camping in a remote location in the hills. Ultimately, you want to eliminate the temptations of gadgets and gizmos.


Make It Fun!

Hey, just because you like hiking the tallest hills in the country, it doesn’t mean your child will. In fact, they’ll probably get bored very quickly. Who’s to say that you can’t make every activity a fun one? Find ways to make up games on the spot. My best memories of hiking as a youngster centered around made-up games and activities. You want your kids to have the same experience.

Don’t Make It A Chore

As much as possible, let your kids dictate your progress. If they’re really struggling, give them time to rest. Fuel them with a chocolate bar if necessary. And, don’t overload them with tasks. Let them come to you if they want more responsibility. This will naturally make them feel like more of a leader; like more of a competent outdoors adventurer. It’s amazing what a different mindset can do for a child’s sense of discovery.

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