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Tools, Games, Privacy And More: Everything You Will Need For The Perfect Shed

When it comes to deciding that you are going to go ahead and build your own garden shed, there is a lot to think about. In order for it to be totally perfect, there is much more to it than simply sticking up a flat-packed one and throwing your stuff inside. Instead, you need to treat it like a real project. There are a number of things you will need to consider before you make any purchases or investments. In doing so, you are ensuring that the finished product is totally perfect.


First up, research and consider the different options you have for structure. If you are making it yourself, your first thought for the roof might be a flat one. However, there are many benefits to investing more time and effort by making a peaked roof. For one, you have to consider the fact that your shed is out in the elements. If it rains or snows, a peaked roof gives the shed protecting, as the water will run straight off. If you have a flat roof, however, the water or snow will pool there. This could lead to it leaking through or causing permanent damage! So, go that little further to make a peaked roof. Not only will it make your shed last longer and be protected on the inside, but you’ll also have more room to stand up in. This takes us nicely to the topic of height. Of course, a peaked roof automatically gives you more standing space than a flat one. Be sure that your shed is going to be high enough that you can stand up comfortably in it. If it is too low, you may have to stoop. This will make it uncomfortable to use, and may even deter you from using it often. It will also inhibit the ability to do certain tasks, like woodwork and other DIY projects!


Think also about how big you will make it. Of course, you may be restricted by how much space you have to build in in your garden. However, it may be wise to make it as big as you can. This means you have more options for what you use it for in the future. It also gives you more flexibility on what you can use it for today. But more on that in a little while! If you buy a pre-made structure, you will, of course, be limited to whatever dimensions this shed offers. But if you’re making it for yourself? Be sure you prepare properly. Read blogs like This one can give you even more advice about handling your own home improvement project, like building this shed!


There is another step here that you can or cannot choose to take. This is equipped the shed with a couple of features to increase usability. One of these is equipping it with electricity. This is going to be an essential if you are going to be using tools or a TV in the shed, for example! It also means that you can use the shed in the winter months, as you will be able to heat it. Plus, you can also use it at night, because you can have lights in there! Think also about whether or not you want to soundproof the room. Soundproofing might be to protect you from the outside, or the other way around. Perhaps now you have a shed on the horizon you will finally be able to invest in a big drum kit! Or perhaps you are hoping to get some peace and quiet from loud neighbors or noisy kids!


Once you have the structure itself, it’s time to decide how you will decorate the inside. You may decide to keep it plain looking, but if you want to paint it, do go for light colors. This is especially important if you are limited in the amount of windows and therefore natural light you have in the shed. Lighter colors will prevent it from feeling any darker than it does already. In fact, if you have a shed that you’ve made from relatively dark colored wood, you may want to go ahead and paint it. Any darker shades can make your room feel simply too dark! Don’t be scared if decorating isn’t your forte. Man cave decor tips can be found at Anything you do doesn’t have to be complex, what is important is that it isn’t too dark. You also don’t want to put off painting until after you’ve moved your stuff in. After all, painting around furniture, tools and items is much harder than painting the walls of a blank and empty room.


Once you have done any decorating, however, you can go ahead and move in your furniture. When buying pieces, be sure that you consider whether or not you can get them through the door to the shed. Just because they will fit inside, doesn’t mean they will necessarily be all that easy to get through a door-sized space. On the subject of the size of your furniture, give some thought to whether or not it will overwhelm the space. You don’t want so much furniture in there that there isn’t actually much space to move around! So, install a desk up against a wall, with shelves above and below. Have it facing out of the main window, if possible, so you have a free source of light shining on whatever it is that you’re doing.


Finally, you’re at the fun part. It is here that you either get to decide what to use your newfound space for. Or, if you’ve had a specific idea in mind for a while, it’s time to put this into practice. One use for a garden shed that many men love is for DIY and making things! Websites like are a good place to start if you want to supplement your current tool collection with some new items. When it comes to exactly what you are making, this can whatever you want. It could be that you have kids, and want to make them a wooden swing set! It could be that you love working in your garden, and want to make and paint your own pottery. This links back to the earlier point about making the space as wide and as tall as possible. The larger the space the more room you have to work in and the more options you have.


Conversely, it could be that you want to use your new shed for very little work, and far more relaxing! Maybe shed for getting away from it all and having your own space and privacy is the order of the day! This is where the soundproofing that we mentioned earlier will come in! Think about additional pieces of furniture you might want to install if you want to be able to come to your shed and chill out. If you love to read but need peace and quiet to do so? Set up a comfortable armchair and reading light in one corner? If you just want to take a nap every now and again, how about a deckchair. You could even hang a hammock from the ceiling. Just make sure it is hung secure enough that you’re not going to fall down with a bump while you’re fast asleep! An alternative use for your shed falls somewhere between the activity of DIY and the chilled-out nature of R&R.


You can also make a perfect shed by making it full of your favorite games and sports equipment. Maybe you love to play snooker or pool? Great, you now have the room for it! Or it could be that your idea of gaming is more to do with your PS4 or Xbox. If this is the case, make the perfect environment with a comfortable seat and coffee table too! Your shed also now gives you enough space to safely store any of your other pieces of sports equipment. If you surf, for example, you can hang your surfboards from the ceiling when they’re not in use! Bikers should invest in a bike rack, which allows them to mount their bikes up on a wall. Don’t forget about your other sports related bits and pieces either; things like helmets or gloves. Keeping them all together, or in one dedicated section of the shed, will make for an easier life down the line!


On the topic of storage, do make sure that you store your items in the best way possible. Use drawers and shelving units to keep things organized. You could even have a different shelf or unit for each different type of item. So, for example, a dedicated area for any DIY tools, one for your sports equipment and another for your gardening tools. Check out websites like for various ideas for shed storage. So there we have it! You can now see how exactly you can make an average and underwhelming shed into an incredible one! Yes, your new shed could well even be worthy of the word perfect!


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