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5 Great Tendence Watches Available On Watches Website

Are you someone who’s really into fashion? For me, it doesn’t matter how fly your gear is, I don’t feel right if I’m not wearing a watch. Yes, I admit that I’m someone who loves watches, and it seems like my son is following in my footsteps as I did my fathers. I’ve had the luxury of trying out some great watches over the years, whether it’s through sponsorship or purchasing them. One of the big issues when trying to find the perfect watch is that I have to go to different stores or websites to find the exact one I’m looking for, which are the Tendence watches. Now those days are over because there’s a one-stop shop for every kind of watch you’re looking for called watches.com. Below are my five favorite Tendence watches.

Tendence Swiss Chrono Black

Tendence Watches

This watch is perfect whenever me, and my wife have our dinner date nights because it says nice and classy. The Black Chronograph edition has a black sun ray dial and PV black finishing, which provides a contrasting and dramatically dark back drop against the prominent luminous white hands of the watch. Knowing that I’m careless at times, it’s good to see that they’re water resistance, love the leather strap, and it’s just a nice-looking watch. You can view this great watch yourself to see more specifications right here!

Tendence Gold Skeleton Automatic Mechanical

Tendence Watches

This is another great watch from Tendence that’s also nice and classy, but it also has that sporty, but elegant look. One of the best things about this watch is that you’ll never need a battery, while the captivating skeleton feature is complemented by the distinctive Tendence double dial construction and bold three dimensional numbers, which are particularly prominent as they stand out against the back drop of small moving parts, which is only partially covered by the luminous hands of the watch. The skeleton feature along with the black and gold patterning makes this watch a must-have for my fashionable and watch loving fellas out there. Check it out here!

Tendence Swiss Slim Sport Stainless Steel

Tendence Watches

The Tendence Swiss Slim Sport Stainless Steel is a watch you can wear every day, going out with the family on the weekends or on a date night with your wife. First of all, the stainless steel bracelet goes well with the time piece, and then you add the Tendence design, you have a winner. Seeing that the Swiss made watches have always been appealing to me, this is probably my favorite watch of the entire collection and one that I’ll be adding on my Christmas wish list………if my wife is reading this, yes I’m throwing out this as an idea for Christmas.

Tendence Fantasy Fluo Medium Black/Green 41mm

Tendence Watches

When going through the website with my kids, they all pointed out this watch for me because it would go great with all of my Philadelphia Eagles gear. For the past couple of years, my kids, especially my daughters have told me to start dressing with some colors, and at times I’ve gone out of my comfort zone. The Tendence Fantasy Fluo Medium Black/Green watch is perfect and would wear all football season no matter where I’m going. This would match any of my Eagles jerseys, hats and a couple pair of shoes I got with the same color in them.

Tendence Bunker Rose Gold

Tendence Watches

The Tendence Bunker Rose Gold reminds me of the very first “real” watch by father ever bought me. I remember wearing that watch all the time, and I felt important, like a man, and since I loved to dress in causal gear, this completed me. Even though I was only 14 years-old, a watch like this one can boost your confidence and add a little swag to your character. With the Tendence Bunker Rose Gold watch, this is like a remake of the classic watch I remember having, while adding the Tendence touch in the process. If the Tendence Swiss Slim Sport Stainless watch is my favorite, then the Bunker Rose Gold is a very close second.


Final Thoughts:

Like I’ve said before, if you’re someone that takes precedent in your appearance, most likely you’re someone that appreciates a great watch. Normally, you would have to look so many places to find the watch that’s perfect for you, but that ends now with watches.com. As seen above, I’m a huge fan of the Tendence collection, but they have many more to choose from like the Nixon, Mr. Jones, Vestal and so many others. If you’re looking for great deals on any kind of watch, they have you covered with amazing sales, daily deals, new arrivals and the most popular. What are you waiting for? Head over right now and find your favorite watch, share it with me in the comments section below.

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