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Add A Little Extra To Your Beach Vacation This Summer

There’s time left this summer to head on a beach vacation. A few more weeks left for blistering hot weather, golden sands and the chance to get a beautiful tan. Or, just to head down to the coast on a weekend between work and school. Of course, it can get a little boring down at the beach. You don’t want to just spend the whole day lying on the sand. Particularly, if you have children who will quickly get bored. Not to worry, I’ve got some great ideas to make the beach more exciting if you are heading there before summer officially ends.

Rent A Boat

Beach Vacation

If you’ve never rented a boat and rode across frothy waves around the coastline, I suggest you give it a go. A private boat hire is usually pretty affordable, ranging between 100 and 200 dollars for the day. You can get a quick lesson in how the boat works and away you go. This is a great way to find hidden beach locations, concealed caves and gorgeous places of beauty. Obviously, I’m not talking about renting a yacht but rather a medium sized speed boat. Just be careful how far you travel or you might run out of fuel. Once you find the perfect spot offshore, drop the anchor and feel free to explore. Make sure you get a boat with a sun shade, otherwise, it can get quite hot.

Explore Under The Sea?

Beach Vacation

If you don’t fancy heading out into open water, you can still explore the ocean at the edge of the beach. Just bring some snorkeling equipment with you on the vacation. We’re just talking about goggles and the basic breathing tube. Doing this, you’ll be able to look down below the water and see the stunning sea life swimming beneath your feet. You can make it even more exciting with cool water sports accessories like A Sub wing. A sub wing lets you twirl and glide underwater like a dolphin. It’s an incredible swimming experience like no other that your kids would love.

Feeling adventurous? You might want to try cave diving. Available at many coastal locations, this can be quite dangerous and is only recommended if you have scuba diving experience.

Surfs Up

Beach Vacation

Surfing can be quite dangerous too, but it sure is fun. I’m sure at least one of your kids would love to learn how to surf. Well, now is the perfect time to teach them. You’ll spend your first few lessons on the beach so it’s best to do this on a longer vacation. After you can ‘pop up’ on the board, you’ll be able to head out into the water. You’ll fall a couple of times before you have a chance of riding the waves. Once you do, though, it’s almost like flying.

Do you love these ideas as much as we do? Book a beach holiday today and make the most of the sun before winter arrives and keeps us all cooped up at home. You won’t regret it.

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