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Win $75 E-Voucher to Purchase a Jord Wood Watch

Jord #JordWatch

Where are all my guys out there that love fashion? When I’m at home, especially during football season, you will find me in my team’s gear, but when I’m out with my family, I’m generally in some causal wear. My outfits usually consist of a polo shirt, either some nice jeans or khaki pants to go with some clean kicks. No matter what I wear I’ll always have a watch to go with my outfit and now my son has picked up on that habit. Recently, I had the chance to review some watches from Jord, and I picked out around 6 or 7 watches until my son saw what I was looking at. He fell in love with them, especially the Ebony & Copper from the Dover series. Check out their men’s shop for the amazing collection of watches they have.

A Little About Jord Watches

Jord #JordWatch

First of all, the Jord watches are out of wood, and they all have a great, unique look about them. They are made from a variety of woods like Ebony, Koa, Purpleheart, Zebrowood, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Maple and Bamboo. The wood is one of the things that make these watches unique, but the centerpieces of the Jord watches will draw your attention and leave you mesmerized.

The Ebony & Copper Watch My Son Selected

Jord #jordWatch

When I got the chance to do the review for one of these great watches, I had narrowed down my selection to about 4 or 5 that I wanted to try out. My son walked in the room while I was on my computer and asked what I was looking at. I let him know that I had the opportunity to review one of the watches, and he sat beside me to view the watches. After about five minutes, he picked out about six watches until he came to the Ebony & Copper one, and he fell in love with it. Ever since he’s had the watch; I haven’t seen him without it on, and I’ve seen him showing it off to a few of his friends also.

Enter Contest

Jord #JordWatch

The winner of the contest will win a $75 e-voucher and everyone who enters the contest will receive a $20 e-gift card excluding the winner of course. The contest will end on Sunday, October 16th and the voucher and e-gift cards expiring on 2/15/2017. Here is the link to enter the contest and best of luck to everyone.



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