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How Much Do You Really Know About The NFL? Test Your Knowledge

Those of us that have a love of sport know that the NFL is a big deal. Millions of us follow what happens when our favorite teams play competitors to win the game. Do you consider yourself to be an NFL aficionado? If so, and you’ve got some time to spare, why not test your knowledge here today? Check out these fun facts about the NFL. I’m willing to bet you will learn at least one new fact to share with your buddies!

The NFL has been around longer than you have (probably)

How familiar are you with the history of the NFL? It all started 96 years ago, albeit under a different moniker. Back then, it was known as the APFA (American Professional Football Association). As you can imagine, “NFL” is easier and quicker to pronounce! The name change happened just three years after the APFA got founded.


The NFL comprises of 32 teams

It might sound strange, but many people often get confused over just how many teams take part in the NFL! The answer is 32, in case you didn’t know. They comprise teams such as the San Diego Chargers to the west to Buffalo Bills in the East. And, of course, 30 other clubs which would take a while to list in here!

Just two clubs were in it from day one

You might know it, but there were only two teams that played in the NFL back in 1920. They are the Chicago Bears and the Arizona Cardinals. The following year, just one other team became part of the NFL family: the Green Bay Packers.


A lot of cowhide is needed to create footballs for the NFL each year

Each football that gets produced for the NFL gets made from cowhide. On average, the hide from around 3,000 cows gets used! Believe it or not, some folks assumed that each football got made from pig skin. But, there are no pigs used in the making of each ball.

Some NFL clubs have changed names over the years

It’s easy to assume that each team has kept their names since they got formed. Not so, it would seem! Take the Chicago Bears, for example. They are one of several examples of NFL team names that have changed over the years. In fact, the Bears changed their name on the same day as the APFA! They used to be known as the Chicago Staleys.

There’s no longer a tie for the most Super Bowl wins

For a while, there was a tie for the top spot between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers. As of the time of writing, there is now only one winner: the Pittsburgh Steelers! From 1967 to 2016, they are the team with the most wins (six) in the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers is now in second place with five.


The Seattle Seahawks were once owned by the Nordstrom family

In case you wondered, they are the same family that owns the department store bearing their name. Of course, the Seahawks are now owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. To commemorate their win of the 2014 Super Bowl, they presented John Nordstrom with a Super Bowl ring.

Most NFL Super Bowl tickets aren’t issued to individuals

Let’s face it. America is a nation full of NFL fans! So, it might shock you to learn that few of us ever get the chance to buy tickets to any of those games! The reason why isn’t down to a lack of interest. Rather, it’s to do with commercial interests. A jaw-dropping 80% of the tickets get allocated to the NFL’s corporate sponsors. If you happen to work for one of them, you may have a better chance of getting a match ticket!

Football is big business

As you can appreciate, the NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry. Some might feel it is a shame, given that the NFL should just be about football alone. But, money makes the world go around. And, without corporate sponsorship, the NFL won’t be a big deal anymore. And that would mean lower participation by the different teams. Some of the teams that comprise the NFL are quite wealthy. Take the Dallas Cowboys, for example. Forbes say that the team is worth around $3.26 billion!

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