Smackdown Live from Cleveland
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Daddy’s Hangout Smackdown Live Review from Cleveland

Smackdown Live from Cleveland

Welcome to another edition of Smackdown Live with it taking place in Cleveland, OH. With the No Mercy PPV around the corner, let’s see if Smackdown Live can continue to build momentum. Hopefully No Mercy will be just as good as or better than the Backlash PPV. Last week, Smackdown Live was pretty good so let’s see how things turned out this week. Just like Monday Night Raw, this will be my last review for now. Let’s get started!!


Randy Orton: Orton opened up Smackdown Live talking about Bray Wyatt and how he supposed to be scaring people. During the promo, Wyatt appeared on the TitanTron and cut a promo, which brought Orton to the back looking for Bray. This continued throughout the night with Bray playing mind games on Orton. Later on while Bray was cutting a promo, Orton appeared behind him with the sheep mask and attacked him.


Usos & Ascension vs. American Alpha, Rhyno & Heath Slater: The match had a lot of action from all four guys. In the end, the Usos picked up the win for their team by making Heath Slater tap out.

Miz/Dolph Ziggler Segment: We kicked the segment off with the Miz coming out to a hero’s welcome, since he’s from Cleveland. He talked about the Cavs finally winning the title, 1.3 million people showed up to celebrated and how disgusted this is all he gets from Cleveland. He goes on to show his parents and rip the city even more, then he said Maryse informed him that Dolph Ziggler’s parents are there also. He goes on to rip them also, which got Dolph to hit the ring. After Dolph cuts a promo about how much he loves being a wrestler and in the ring 300 nights a year, but Miz rips into him again. The Miz says Dolph has nothing to offer him, but his career so he leaves and Ziggler tells him to wait. After thinking about it, Dolph said he wants one more shot and the Intercontinental title and he’ll put his career on the line for it. Miz re-enters the ring and said if he beats Dolph he’s gone for good, not to Raw, NXT or comes back in 30 days, but he’s finished and Ziggler said yes. After thinking about it, Miz accepts and leaves!! This was a VERY, VERY GOOD segment and should be watched if you didn’t catch it.


Alexa Bliss Attack Becky Lynch: Alexa Bliss attacked Becky Lynch as she was coming out for her entrance. Afterwards, she took the title from around Lynch and said she didn’t deserve it, and then left. Short, sweet and effective!!

A.J. Styles vs. Dean Ambrose: This was the main event where Ambrose got his one-on-one rematch for the WWE championship. Before the match started, John Cena joined commentary for this match. As far as the match, this was a really good match between these two as expected, but not as good as their PPV match. The crowd was really into it with submissions and nearfalls, both guys did their thing. Towards the end, Styles hit Cena before going back in the ring. Ambrose had Styles rolled up, but the referee was preventing Cena from entering the ring. After a nearfall, Ambrose went to the outside and hit Cena also. When he entered the ring, Styles rolled him up to pick up the victory. John Cena entered the ring to confront Ambrose and after arguing, Ambrose tried to hit Dirty Deeds, but Cena countered and hit the AA. Styles hit the ring and tried to hit the Styles Clash on Cena, but were hit with the AA. Smackdown Live ended with Cena holding up the championship while Ambrose and Styles were lying on the ground.


Natalya & Carmella vs. Naomi & Nikki Bella: The tag team match really didn’t do anything for me.


Overall Rating: 8/10- Smackdown Live was really good tonight, probably the best one they’ve had. Hopefully this continues with the No Mercy PPV taking place next Sunday Night.


Top 3 Happenings from Smackdown Live:

  1. Miz/Dolph Ziggler Segment
  2. Randy Orton/Bray Wyatt All Night Ordeal
  3. A.J. Styles vs. Dean Ambrose


What did you think about this edition of Smackdown Live? What do you think about Ziggler putting his career on the line for another shot at the Intercontinental championship? Head to the comments section below and give me some feedback.

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