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Open Garage Through SmartPhone with MyQ Garage

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chamberlain for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

It seems like nowadays we all use our smart phones for just about everything. With me, I pay my bills, check my kid’s grades, and order food from restaurants and even turning off the lights in my house. I’ll be honest; that’s one of the reasons I’ve upgraded my phone to store all my apps, music and pictures. Recently, I was asked if I would be interested in trying out a garage opener that you can open with an app. The Chamberlain MyQ Garage can connect to any garage door opener that has been built any time after 1993. All you need to do is download the MyQ app from the App Store or Google Play. The MyQ app works through your home’s Wi-Fi network, plus it’s really easy to install and connect. You can Learn More about how the MyQ garage before purchasing.


The first thing you need to do is install the bracket and Wi-Fi Hub on the ceiling of your garage near a plug-in. Afterwards, you take your door sensor and put on the top panel of your garage door. For this, you can either take apart the door sensor to drill on the door or use the fastening strips like I did. When you’re putting the Wi-Fi Hub on the ceiling, you can place it on either side of your garage opener.

Connecting to Home Network

Once you’ve installed your Wi-Fi Hub and door sensor, now it’s time to connect to your network. Since I have an iPhone, I go to my settings, turn on Bluetooth and find the MyQ prefix to connect. Now this may take a few minutes to connect your MyQ device to your network, but you’ll get a screen that says adding was successful. You’re prompted to name the place where the device is located. The next screen asks if you’re using a door sensor, which I am, so I pressed the yes button. After saying you’re using a door sensor, it’ll ask which device you want to add, and I added a garage door opener. When you say that you’re adding the garage door opener, you’ll have to test your door sensor as you’re waiting for this to respond, DO NOT stand near the garage door. Once the door sensor reads your device, it will promptly open the door, and it tells you this in the instructions, but I just want to reiterate this.

Connecting to Garage Opener

This step is pretty simple as you want your MyQ device to connect with your garage opener. When you setting up the MyQ device, the app will ask what kind of garage opener you have, in which I have the LinkMaster. Afterwards, it’ll ask you the color of the button on the garage opener to successfully link to your device. The MyQ app and device has pretty much everything covered, which is something I really like.

The Family Could Use It Also

Since me and my son park in the garage, after I set it up, he downloaded the app and entered my information to use it also. It was really quick and easy, plus with the app it’ll show you how long the garage door has been opened or closed. If you’re like me, someone who forgets everything, those features alone is great for you.

My Final Thoughts:

Like I said before, I love to be able to control everything from phone and this is perfect for me. With the MyQ app, you can integrate with other smart home products and services such as Nest Cam, Nest Thermostat, Xfinity Home and the Wink app to seamlessly integrate with your existing smart home eco-system. Make sure you like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for the latest information about their product.

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