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Dad’s Great Guide to Getting Your Kids Passionate About the Water

A dad’s relationship with his kids is really important. And, whether you’re still with the mom or not, you have to make time for the children. That’s why it’s important to be sure that you come up with ways of bonding with the kids in the best possible way. And getting your children passionate about the water is really important. It’s always good to do activities with your kids when you see them. And by introducing them to the water from a young age they can learn things, as well as keeping active. You might produce future Olympic gold medalists in the pool! Or, you may just trigger a deep love of the water. Either way, it’s important to trigger that passion, and here are some ways of doing that.



The easiest and best way of getting the kids passionate about water is to introduce them to swimming. Not only can this be fun, but it’s also a great way of keeping first as well. You want to stop your children from becoming couch potatoes, and this is the best way of doing that. Swimming is healthy, active and exciting, and they may even have a talent for it. Also, swimming is one of those important life skills that children should learn, like riding bikes or tying shoelaces. If you can’t swim, then there is even less chance of your child learning. So, it’s important to start learning now if you can’t.

Paddle Boarding


It’s not just snorkeling and swimming that you can enjoy in the water. Paddle boarding is also an excellent and fun activity. Think about it, when you’re on vacation how many kids do you see on their paddle boards? The children are going to love this experience and you can do it with them. Take a trip to sup-board.org to find out more about inflatable paddle boards! This is a really great and fun way of getting the children interested in the water, and being in the water. You will probably want to supervise them at all times to make sure the experience is a safe one.

Coastal Vacation


Want to get the children passionate about the water? Well, the best way to do that is to make sure you take them on a coastal vacation. This is something you can plan in advance to make sure it is the best possible experience. Spending time by lakes or oceans is a wonderful way of having a vacation with a difference. And you can show the children the beauty of the water and the outdoors. A beach holiday to Hawaii might be the perfect choice for you. Or, you might enjoy a trip to The Great Lakes regions a little more. Anywhere that showcases how great water can be is crucial.

Garden Pond


Of course, you don’t always have to take the kids to the ocean or the pool to get them to enjoy the water. A great way of involving them on a daily basis is with a garden pond. You should get one installed in the back garden and set up a little ecosystem. That way they will understand how many different purposes water can serve, and how it’s important to look after it. A pond full of fish and frogs will engage them and get them excited about what the water provides.



Fishing is a valuable life skill, and can also be a brilliant way to bond with your children. You might consider fishing to be more of an adult hobby. But you would be wrong; fishing is actually popular in all age groups. Indeed, more than 10 million kids aged 6 to 17 enjoy recreational fishing in the United States. Statistics prove that kids who start fishing at a young age take to the outdoors much more. If you need more convincing check out wideopenspaces.com for 10 reasons why you should take your kids fishing. It’s the perfect water based activity to show your kids the wonder of the outdoors and the water. And you can use it as a great opportunity to catch something as well.


WaterAnother great way of enjoying the water is to go sailing. This gives the children a bonus experience because there’s a boat involved too. Now, of course, sailing can be difficult, and there are a lot of rules involved. But, as long as you follow the rules and you treat the boat well it can be an exhilarating experience. Show your kids how wonderful and serene it can be to just take a boat out on the water and enjoy the sights. If you have a boat, you might want to do this as a regular thing to bond with the kids. If not you could rent one the next time you take a vacation.

Water is such an unknown quantity, and many of us are scared of it as a result. But, you need to show your kids how wonderful the water can be, and how much enjoyment they can get from it. There are so many wonderful options for water-based activities and entertainment. Use some of these suggestions to help get the children more passionate about all things water!

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  • Jason

    Hey Travis! Great article with lots of cool ideas. 🙂 As a father of two little ones and a watersports aficionado, I would highly encourage dads to try these activities out — you’ll have an absolute blast with your kids!

    I do feel that an article on water activities for kids is not totally complete without some safety tips, so perhaps this infographic that I recently put together will be helpful to other readers. Kids water safety is a super important topic that I’ve really been working hard to educate other parents on. At any rate, here’s the infographic — if you have any feedback on it or ideas for how I can make it better Travis, I’d honestly love to hear it.



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