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Men, Don’t Cry! There Are Handy Alternatives To The Man-Cave

Man Cave

Sometimes when all we need is the man-cave, things crop up that mean we have to bid goodbye to our Man Palace. All our lovely memories of playing PlayStation are just that now. Memories!  And it sucks. It may be because you have another child on the way. Or you need to move home to somewhere smaller. But all is not lost! There are still ways to retain your safe haven even if you don’t have a proper cave to dwell in. Here are some ideas to get your brain thinking about getting your independence and your comfy leather chair back under your butt where it belongs.

Get a Shed

If you are struggling for space in your home, get a shed or an outhouse.  And I don’t mean cheap sheds made of a few bits of plywood. You can buy mini-palaces to go in your back garden! With lots of space available in these new sheds, all you would need would be an independent electrical supply and you could live in it (though I’m not sure the wife would be too happy with that!). You don’t have to buy wooden sheds either; steel ones are just as sturdy.  The added benefit of having a shed out the back garden is that the noise level from inside the house is reduced greatly. So you can enjoy peace and quiet without needing to put Metallica on your headphones!

Allocate Time to Yourself

While it is never as good as having your own space, sometimes we all need time to ourselves. So dedicating a few hours a week to your own spiritual practices, or playing Call of Duty, may be just what the doctor ordered. Some people like to pamper themselves, if you just like to have some time to yourself, let it be known! If you’re wondering if there’s a web provider like Verizon FiOS, or you want to upgrade your sports package. Seeing as you don’t have a man-cave anymore, is it too much to ask to have a little home comfort in the manner of some time to yourself?

Build a Conservatory

If you own your own home and it is a little on the poky side you can always consider building an extension to it. Having a conservatory built onto the back of your house has its advantages in terms of size, because you can decide how big you want it. And especially if the purpose is for it to be an area especially for you, then the choice is yours!  It will also add value to the house if you ever decide to move on and it just looks really good! Conservatories are also another way to bring warmth to the house as they can act like greenhouses when the sun is shining. So, when it is built, put your stamp on it as soon as possible before the kids leave the toys in there, otherwise you’ll never get it back!


It’s never easy when your cave is taken away from you, but uses these as inspiration and finds a way to reclaim your man time!

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