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4 Ways to Impress Your Kids With Gaming 101 Tips

Want to impress your kids and be a cool dad? Well, the best way to do that is to make sure you use these gaming tips. They will help make you better and help you prepare for a fun night gaming with the children.

Learn the Ropes

First port of call is to make sure you learn the ropes, at least a little. That means having a go on some games, learning about the controllers for consoles, and what they do. Having a basic knowledge of gaming will really help keep you from being embarrassing when it comes time to play. You have to understand that your kids are going to be used to playing video games, and will most likely be pretty proficient at them. They will expect you to be rubbish, so the better you can get before playing the more they will be impressed by it.

Gaming Lingo

There is such a thing as gaming lingo and jargon these days. And, one of the best ways to impress your kids is to make sure you learn some of this lingo. For example, do you know what MMORPG means? Are you familiar with other lingo like FTW, BRB and Noob? These are all things that you probably want to familiarize yourself with when it comes to gaming. They are going to help you navigate this unknown and uncertain world of gaming. Getting familiar with at least a bit of the lingo will impress your kids, and will help you to interact with the gaming world much more easily.


Start Playing Modern Games

Let’s be honest dads, we were raised on arcade games, and they are very different to the games we have now. That’s why one of the best tips for you is to learn and start to play modern video games. Things like FIFA, World of Warcraft and Call of Duty are some of the best titles to start playing. You also need to learn about free online games and the benefits they present. Make sure you find out all about MovieStarPlanet free membership, and Pokémon Go tips and secrets. It’s things like this that will get you ready for a gaming experience with your kids. You won’t need to be introduced to any of the new games that kids are playing these days, or be taught how to play them.

Play Together

The point of all these tips is so that you’re in a position where you can play together with your kids. Now, most games you will be playing against each other and you want to make sure it’s competitive. But you also have to make sure you’re not too competitive that you have to win all the time. Some games will actually allow you to play collaboratively together as a duo. And this is where you can really have some fun. Playing missions together and taking out enemies is a great way of having fun and bonding with one another.

If you can follow the ideas on here, then you can use them to help you become better. You’ll understand the world of video games that much more, and your kids will be impressed. Let’s be honest, a dad who’s au fait with video game lingo is most definitely a cool dad.

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