Gun Responsibility
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Gun Responsibility Is In The Hands Of All Owners, No Exceptions

There are plenty of reasons to own a gun. Primarily, safety is on the minds of most people who get one. Hunting’s a common hobby. But there is also the simple fact that using a gun can also be recreational and safe for all. Regardless of why you have a gun, you’re taking a huge responsibility by having one. So we’re going to look at how you ensure you’re being as responsible as you can with it.

Gun Responsibility

Make sure your paperwork checks out

Despite what certain biased media outlets might say, it’s not that easy for anyone to get a gun license. But you can’t afford to avoid it. Even if you don’t use it, ever, you can’t have a gun not licensed to you or go without a license.  Learn all about getting your paperwork checked out at places like

Practice safety before anything else

When you get a gun, a lot of people’s’ first instincts is to go to the shooting range and practice firing a few off. It feels good, there’s no doubt about that. But even there, guns can be a danger without the right level of discipline. Before you even hold a loaded gun, you need to practice safety. Rehearse the same lessons year after year. Number one, never treat the gun as if it has its safety on. Don’t make assumptions.

Carry responsibly

You have a right to bear arms, but that right comes with different stipulations in different places. Number one, you need to have a holster. But the kind of holster you use will change depending on whether you’re in an open carry or concealed carry state. You need to choose vendors that offer a variety of options. Look at sites like to see the different kinds available to you.

Gun care in the home

When you’re living with other people, you need to be especially careful about how you store your gun in your home. We know that having one nearby is essential for people who want to protect their family and property. But if you’re not storing them properly, you could be putting your loved ones at even more risk. Keep it locked up. Keep it unloaded. Then make sure you teach responsibility to your kids. Guns are a matter of curiosity for anyone. Don’t pretend like they’re not a factor to your children. Be frank and be firm. You can buy things like gun cabinets and other safety items from Bass Pro Shop. You can check out Raise to grab some coupons to save some money in the process.

When buying a new gun

Buying a new gun is a big deal. When you buy one that’s second hand, you need to be even more careful. First, make sure the transaction is thoroughly legal. Then get a good close look at the gun and ask if you can test it out before you buy it. Don’t buy from anyone who won’t let you make the kind of inspection you need to.

Whether it’s in your holster, your home, or your hand, safety comes first. Not just yours but for everyone around you. We hope the tips above help you become a more respectable and responsible gun owner. We need plenty of those.

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