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On The Cards: A Boys Night In


Card games have existed in human culture for thousands of years and have always been a way for people to have fun, bond, settle disputes, win money and more. Every country has it’s own card games, rules and rituals but they all unite people, whether friends and family or strangers. Today, cards games can be something you play in casino, online, in a bar or at home, and nothing can beat a good get together with friends for a night of cards.

Sitting with your friends around a table, equipped with a deck of cards, some drinks, maybe some chips, can be the best night you can have. You get to talk, catch up, joke and all focus around the card game. Things can quickly be competitive but some friendly competition can strengthen your bonds and provide an unforgettable evening. If you’re thinking of planning a card night with your friends, then here are the best two games to consider.

Poker is one of the most classic card games. The game of building the best hands and bluffing your way to victory has enticed the word for nearly two-hundred years and remains a staple. A player is designated the dealer and provides the players with their opening hands, going around the table, one card at a time. Players can then swap out cards for new ones to build different hands. Players then start placing bets and bidding more to make players who aren’t confident to fold from the game. The final players reveal their hand and to the winner goes the spoils.

Poker is all about strategy and reading your opponent. While knowledgeable about the hands, the cards in play, and so on, allow you to make accurate reads on your opponent’s hand, watching what your opponents do, how they react, how much they bet, how quickly they do things and more is where the true skill of poker is. It can take years to master, but with knowledge of your friends’ habits and quirks, you may be able to pull over some upsets.

Baccarat is another great card game to consider for a boys night in. The game has different variations, with the most common being punto banco, also known as North American baccarat. The game is best known for it’s appearance in various Bond films. The game is pure luck, so it can be fun for a group if you have less experienced card players among you. You will need six to eight decks to play and a dealer’s shoe can be used. Bets are made on the player or the the banker, with each person taking turns at each role. The game is played in coups, in which two face cards are dealt to the player and the card and then all cards are compared to determine winner, with a total of 8-9 desired.


The game can be tough to understand at first, so if you are unfamiliar with baccarat, you can pick up some info and boost your punto banco strategy here. The game can move fast and gets everyone involved, and be a bit different from the standard of blackjack or poker. These are just some suggestion for the card games you can enjoy with a boy’s night in, so learn the rules, deal the cards and fun will soon follow.

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