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Whacky And Unique Sports That You Can Try


The world is filled with weird and wonderful ways to have fun, and this especially applies to sport. With so many people playing the same sports worldwide, adaptations have been made along the way. And, of course, we can’t forget the weird sports that people have created just for the sake of being weird. A lot of these adaptations and new sports are really easy to get into; especially if you have a group of mates to play with you. This post will go through some of the weirdest and wackiest sports from around the world.


Zorbing has become a huge craze over the last decade, but what is it? You get in a big ball and roll down a hill. The ball is transparent and has a large pocket of air around it. Making these balls bouncy and hard to control. This is made into a game by racing them. On level ground, you can control the balls with reasonable accuracy. It’s a surprisingly exhausting game, and the balls are unwieldy. All in all, this makes for great fun; that will push you and your friends to the limits.

Bubble Football

As an extension of Zorbing, Bubble Football has become a mass craze as well. Unlike Zorbing, where you climb into a full-body ball. Bubble soccer suits are designed to only cover your top half, leaving your legs for running. Once everyone is suited up, it plays much like a normal football game. But, your vision is obscured and bumping into others will send you flying. This levels the playing field for players of differing skill levels, and amps up the game to new heights of stupidity.

Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing is something that can be applied to nearly any extreme sport. All you need is some wrinkly clothing, an iron, and an ironing board. Now, find an extreme sport and iron while doing it! People who take part in this sport all themselves “Ironists.” Common versions of the sport include; skydive ironing, windsurf ironing, and ironing on the side of a mountain. In a life where most things are serious and dull, extreme ironing is a light in the dark.



Bossaball is a relatively new sport, designed and developed in 2004 by Filip Eyckmans, in Spain. It takes elements from football, gymnastics, and even capoeira. But, it’s main influence is volleyball. Two teams of three to five players play on an inflatable court, with a trampoline either side of a central net. Like volleyball, you earn points by getting the ball onto the floor on the opponent’s side of the court. With the bouncy floors and trampolines, though, this sport is much more exhilarating than most traditional ones.

Bed Racing

Bed racing is a sport developed in Yorkshire, in the UK. Every year teams build their own beds and decorate them according to the theme. The bed must have four wheels, and also be able to float. Teams race in groups of five, over a 3km run. The race includes hills, uneven ground, and even a river crossing. This sport was originally conducted by the local military in the area but was soon adopted as a town tradition.

Duck Racing

This is a sport with no limit on players, and nearly no rules. Each competitor must decorate a small plastic duck so that they can recognize it. A start and an end point will be set up out of a section of a river. At the start of the race, all of the ducks are released into the river at the same time. And, simple as that, the winner is the owner of the first duck to finish. You’re not allowed to interfere with any of the ducks during the race, but that’s the only rule. Other than that, you just have fun!


Wife/Girlfriend Carrying Race

We owe this sport to Finland, where it’s played every year in July. The race is over a 253.5m course, with obstacles and different surfaces to negotiate. Some of the obstacles involve pure strength, and some involve more thinking. During the entire race, you have to carry your wife or girlfriend on your back. The winner of the competition receives a mobile phone, as well as their wife’s weight in beer. So, you should get stronger; not have your wife lose weight!


This should inspire you to get out and do something weird! But, if not, hopefully, it gave you a couple of smiles. All of the sports on this list are played today, but real people. However weird and wonderful they are!

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