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My Top 8 Nintendo Games As A Kid


With the release of the new Nintendo NES Classic Edition consoles, that brought back so many memories as a kid. I’ll admit that I was an original gamer, which I like to tell my kids all the time. Before the Nintendo was released, we had the Atari, which was the first gaming system we enjoyed. Before I get corrected, there were other gaming systems before I was born, and you can check them out there. The Atari was nice, but the Nintendo made those rainy or cold days more bearable. This brought everyone together no matter what hood you were from because everyone loved Nintendo. Growing up there are a few games that I really miss, and I would consider my favorites. Check them out below and see what your thoughts are!!

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros NintendoThis game actually came with the gaming console and this is hands-down my favorite. I remember spending countless hours playing Super Mario Bros all the time. One of the biggest joys I’ve ever felt was when I finally beat the game. It took me long enough, but even though I beat the game I still played it all the time.

Mike Tyson Punch Out

Mike Tyson Punch Out Nintendo

Glass Joe, Bald Bull, Soda Popinski, King Hippo and Piston Honda are a few of the boxers in this game. In this game, you had to defeat a series of boxers, which got harder as you go to finally fight Mike Tyson. If you didn’t get the luxury of playing the game, I’ll let you know it was hard as hell to beat Tyson. It took a while to go through all the boxers, but it took forever to finally beat Mike. When I finally did, it really felt like a huge accomplishment because beating Tyson wasn’t easy.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Nintendo

This was a pretty simple game, but if you didn’t pay attention about 2 or 3 hours done passed by. The goal of the game was to save the princess that was kidnapped by the donkey. He would throw barrels at you while you tried to reach him and get the princess.

Double Dribble

Double Dribble Nintendo

This was the first sports game that I was addicted to. When I say that, pretty much the entire neighborhood was hooked on Double Dribble. One of my fondest memories was that we used to have tournaments for this game. To let you know how serious it was, we used to draw out brackets and everything.

Tecmo Bowl

Tecmo Bowl Nintendo

Before Madden became the phenomenon, we had Tecmo Bowl. You know the game where if you played with the Raiders, Bo Jackson was damn near impossible to stop. Also, if you played with the 49ers, the crossing pattern with Jerry Rice was unstoppable too. Either way, this was another game we had tournaments that featured our brackets.

R.B.I. Baseball

R.B.I. Baseball Nintendo

When I was younger I played baseball, basketball and football, so I had to have one of all three. R.B.I Baseball was another sports game that I could play for hours at a time, but there were no tournaments because everyone didn’t like baseball.

The Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda Nintendo

I believe everyone loved this game and I know some people that still talk about this game. This was like a medieval type of game, but there’s not too much I remember after that despite playing it all the time.

Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt Nintendo

This also came with the game along with Super Mario Bros. With the console, you had a toy gun that you used to hunt ducks. I remember getting the game and alternating playing Mario and Duck Hunt for hours at a time.

I’m pretty sure there are some games I left off the list. Hey I tried, but I’m getting older now, but if there are some other games I left off, let me know in the comments section. What are your favorite games from the original Nintendo?

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