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Goodbye Dad Bod, Hello Dad God

In recent years, the dad bod has been something of a trend. Rather than being seen as a sign of ill health, poor fitness, and reduce attraction, it has become an aspiration for many. Guilt has been replaced by confidence, but it has to stop. It’s time to start investing in you once more. It’s never too late to say goodbye dad bod, and hello dad god. Here are the steps needed to complete a successful transformation.

Dad God

Step 1: Find Motivation

As with anything in life, you aren’t going to get anywhere if you have no incentive. If you actively want to get rid of your dad bod, then you will. To borrow an idea from Rocky Balboa, you need to find the eye of the tiger. There are plenty of health benefits to be gained from losing your dad bod while it can increase your confidence too. However, the greatest inspiration in life is your children. Losing the dad bod will allow you to play a more active role in their lives. More importantly, it sets a better example. If that isn’t enough of an incentive to regain control of your life, what is?

Step 2: Make Exercise Fun

Regular exercise is the key to getting your body back in good shape. Modern life makes it very easy to fall into the trap of becoming inactive. But there is no greater responsibility than keeping your body fit. The best way to do that is to make it enjoyable. If you’re inclined to enjoy running, that’s great. If not, though, finding an exciting activity is key. Meanwhile, you should invest in the right equipment as this will inevitably add enjoyment and comfort. For example, choosing the best kayak paddle for the money available at your disposal can take water sports to the next level. Apart from anything else, looking the part makes you feel the part too. With the right mindset, there’s no limit to what you’ll achieve.

Dad God

Step 3: Involve Your Child(ren)

In addition to becoming your inspiration for wanting to get fit, kids are the key to keeping the process going. By letting them participate, exercise becomes a great chance to spend time with them. Furthermore, their desire to keep playing will essentially force you to stay active too. You’ll get fitter while your child may realize a new talent. If nothing else, it’s a fantastic way to help overcome the threat of computer game addictions. You could go one step further by turning the garden into a sports field for those games or attending the local stadium to watch the professional team. Either way, turning family time into active time is crucial. Music is another way to involve your family like dancing or playing the guitar. You all can take dancing classes together or pick up a instrument at the guitar center Dallas.

Step 4: Make Healthy Eating Affordable

Alongside exercise, you need to eat healthily too. This can feel like a huge challenge. In most cases, though, it isn’t down to the taste. Instead, it’s down to the cost. However, the internet is a wonderful thing and can show you how to make healthy eating more affordable with lots of great recipes. Meanwhile, you can save time with simple ideas like cooking extra and freezing some for later in the week. Again, this is a great solution for teaching your kids some valuable life skills. Do not be afraid to embrace it.

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