Weekend Activities
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Weekend Activities With The Kids To Show Off Your Cool Dad Skills

There are a few select years of childhood where you look up to Daddy and see him as a God-like figure. He is your hero, perhaps even a superhero. There is nothing he can’t do, and he can’t be beaten. Dad is the fastest, the tallest, the ‘bestest,’ and the coolest. Then your kids grow up, and you lose your hero hat to some high profile celebrity you’ve never heard of. But for now, while your kids are in this impressionable phase, it’s time to prove just how cool you are!


You’ve got speed, strength, height, and form. And you have a couple of decades of experience over your kids too. Taking them bowling for the first time will blow them away. You’ll be able to bowl strike after strike, while they’re still struggling to avoid the gully. Why not invest in your own bowling balls for the family, and turn it into a weekly event? It’s a great way to spend quality time with the kids doing something active. And it’s also a great way for you to look pretty impressive in front of them!

Weekend Activities

Console Games

If you have a passion for gaming, chances are you’ve got some impressive high scores to show off. And if you let your kids have a go at your favorite games, they will definitely be delighted at the chance to try and beat it. Of course, if you’re strict about screen time, put a time on this activity. Or you might challenge them to beat your score in three goes. There are plenty of ways to take on the cool Dad persona, but Mom might not think it’s so cool if this one goes on too long!


Little ones love kicking a ball about. They delight at seeing it roll away from them at speed. Kids want to see how far they can kick it, how high they can make it go. The goals are almost irrelevant! This is where you will come out as champion. As the grown-up in the game, you’ve got power, balance, experience, and size on your side. Find a big playing field or soccer pitch. And kick! Your kids will be in awe. Of course, they’ll want to have a go next. Which one of you is going to fetch the ball back?

Weekend Activities


Put those big man lungs into action with some daring underwater antics. Chances are you’ve got the lung capacity to make it from one side of the pool to the other underwater. This is a great way to help the kids feel more confident at swimming too. Little lungs aren’t going to make it far, but you can certainly encourage them a meter at a time. Take some toys that they can pick up from the bottom of the pool. And watch them marvel at your ability to hold your breath for so long!


Kids are great at this age. They’ll worship all you can do. Don’t be too bruised in the ego when they can do it better than you, though!

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