Holiday Travel

8 Great Survival Tips for Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel

Bringing the whole family on a trip can turn into a nightmare really quick. Add the busy holiday travel season to the picture, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster (Home Alone, anyone?). But this holiday season, you can take control of the chaos and guide your family to smooth sailing with the following tips for surviving holiday travel.

Plan travel times in your favor.

When you’re accounting for multiple people of varying ages, strategic timing of travel is key. Book flights on off-peak days to not only save some money but also avoid extremely busy airports. If you must travel on peak days, try getting the earliest flight out. These flights will likely see less delays—in other words, less waiting time at the airport with restless kids.

Book Direct Flights

Try booking direct flight. It’ll will help you and the family avoid missed connections caused by winter weather. The added hassle can already be a huge inconvenience when it’s just for one person, but the thought of finding an alternative route for the entire abode is a nightmare waiting to happen if you choose multi-stop flights.

Apply for TSA Precheck

If your household constantly has kids running amuck, dillydallying and making you late for anything and everything, TSA Precheck may be worth looking into. You can apply for a membership that gets you through airport security quicker and efficiently. That means no need to wait in line, and no need to remove the laptops and shoes off each child.

Entertain with Superior Technology

Traveling can get boring, especially for children. And when you have a child that’s forced to stay seated on a plane or in a car for long period of time, you could have a very annoying situation on hand. Keep the kids entertained with a tablet or laptop. Be sure the device has a solid mobile processor to stream smooth video and ensure proper functioning in mobile games. Mobile processors such as Snapdragon units run superior graphics that’ll immerse the kids and even you into entertainment and away from boredom. To add, if you’re using public Wi-Fi, this particular processing unit offers built-in security features to protect against cyber-hacking threats.

Bring Comfort During Travel

A well-rested family will make for a better vacation. Bring travel pillows and blankets so you, your spouse and the kids can get some shut eye on often-uncomfortable planes and trains. Noise-cancelling earbuds can also help block out disruptive noise that could keep you awake when you could be sleeping. Make a concerted effort to reserve energy for the actual fun part of the trip.

Download Useful Apps

If you’re road tripping, there are many useful mobile apps out there that’ll guide you around. GasBuddy is an app that will help you find the nearest gas station at competitive prices so you can fuel up for the ride while saving some cash. Google Maps is also extremely beneficial to have when trying to get from place to place in an area you aren’t familiar with. It’ll show you traffic and various route options including public transportation and walking paths.

Bring Snacks

Hungry kids are not happy kids. Pack an adequate amount of snacks when traveling. It’ll keep the blood-sugar levels even and moods steady in the high-stress travel environment. Plus, you’ll indirectly and directly save money from avoiding inflated prices at airport restaurants and convenience stores.

Pack a Portable Charger

As a dad and parent, you are responsible for thinking four steps ahead. Pack a portable charger. You never know where the next outlet is when you travel. It’s a safety precaution that’ll ensure you have a means of communications found within a constantly powered-up phone. It also can help keep all other electronics at full battery.


From strategic travel planning to technological support and proper preparation, you can lead your loved ones to happy traveling that’s less stressful and way smoother. Let the super dad in you come out and get your family well on the way from point A to point B in turbo mode this holiday travel season.

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