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The Secret To Getting What You Really Want For Christmas

There’s a myth that men are impossible to buy for. ‘Dad has everything, what do we get him?!’ The problem is, we don’t tell our other halves, kids or family members what we want for Christmas. Because, well, that’s unmanly. This means socks, ‘Best Dad Driving Songs’ on CD and other unwanted gifts we have to force a grin at when unwrapping. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here’s how to get what you really want this Christmas.

Reveal what you’re buying others

This one’s the long con. Obviously, don’t tell your wife what you’re buying her for Christmas, but you do say what you’re getting your daughter – and explain your logic. So, it could be a photo frame for her room to show pics of the prom, the family vacation in Italy, or that time you took her to the ballgame. And bam, you’ve planted the seed. Thoughtful father (which you are) who likes baseball.


Leave a magazine open

It’s an oldie, but it still works. Leaf through a copy of your favorite magazine and leave it open on a review of the gadget you want. Say some noise-cancelling headphones. As Christmas gets closer, you can be bolder and leave it open on a full-page ad. If a print magazine is too conspicuous, this trick works just as well with a tablet or laptop.


Make weekend’s prime time

Leisure time, when the kids are off school, and your partner is off work, is a great opportunity to spark those gift ideas. It’s an opportunity to do something new. Reveal your hidden talent / hobby. And make photo ops for that picture frame you’re buying your daughter for Christmas. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out our Weekend Activities With The Kids To Show Off Your Cool Dad Skills. Just remember to include an activity that relates to the gift you want. You know, a hitting range for one of the wood baseball bats you’ve had your eye on.


The after dinner speech

It’s one of the rare times you’ve got your family as a captive audience. Dinner time. Cook a meal (thoughtful Dad who deserves a gift; check.) Sit at the head of the table. And take the Nintendo DS out of your daughter’s hand. Now it’s time to bring out the big guns. Recount a real-life story to do with the gift you want for Christmas. The first arcade game you ever played (Xbox One S, please). When your father taught you to shave (subscription to the Dollar Beard Club, thank you very much). Your honeymoon in Belgium. (Craft beer subscription, anyone?)


If you follow these simple steps, you should be opening something a little spicier than socks on Christmas Day. Plus, all these tips involve spending some quality time with your family, which is what you really want for Christmas. That and Battlefield 1, of course.

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