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Secret Santa: Christmas Gifts You Never Knew You Wanted

While many of us are convinced that we want a very specific item this Christmas, the rest of us are a bit confused and have no idea what to give or what we want. If you’re in this boat, then don’t worry—plenty of people around the world are in the exact same situation. When we were younger, it was easy to ask for specific items such as video games, music, or fashion items. But nowadays, we can buy the things we want with our own money at any time. This makes picking a gift fairly difficult, but it’s not impossible! Whether you’re struggling to think of an item to give to a friend or family member, or if your loved ones are asking you to pick something out, here are some ideas to give you inspiration for the holiday season.

Secret Santa

A Holiday

Yes, you read that right! Not everyone enjoys the chilly weather and huddling around a fireplace or radiator. While the cold has its charm, whisking yourself or a loved one to a sunny beach away from home can be equally as satisfying. You’ll get to relax in the sun, sample delicious food, and get away from the typical winter festivities. Holiday prices aren’t very high during the winter season because most people prefer to stay at home with their families and friends. This means you can get brilliant travel deals to all sorts of locations. Sunny and sandy beaches, slightly-warmer breaks to another country, or even go down south to celebrate Christmas in the Australian summer. There are plenty of choices!

A Pet

Getting a little friend for Christmas is a lot more special and endearing than you might think. Receiving a pet during the Christmas holidays will almost always result in that pet being named after the occasion, and that means interacting with it will always conjure up fun memories of the holiday season. But pets don’t always have to be hard work. Sure, a dog needs to be taken for walks, fed, and occasionally to the vet, but what about something like a hamster or fishes? They aren’t as animated and active as a larger pet, but they can do just fine on their own with a bit of food and love and care. Cats also make great low maintenance pets that will give you endless amounts of love and joy. Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility (even small pets!) so make sure you’re committed before receiving one or that your recipient can handle it.

Secret Santa

Something Personalized

Gifts don’t always have to be the latest technology or popular items. Gifts can be simple and personalized. A shirt, cup, or personalized bobbleheads make for excellent presents to give or receive. Being that they’re personalized, they carry sentimentality with them and it makes them that more special. You can order clothing items with special messages, delicately crafted chocolates, or even design paintings and photo frames to use as gifts. To make the present even more special, you can also create your own items such as Christmas cards, toys, or clothes. Making something with your own hands can be tricky and might take a lot of work, but the reward is worth it! There’s nothing quite like receiving a cozy scarf from a loved one to get you through the cold season. All it takes is an online guide and a bit of money on arts and craft materials.

Cooking Appliances

This could be anything from a blender to a coffee machine. Sometimes, a little inspiration is all we need to get working in the kitchen to produce some excellent food and snacks! Getting a new cooking appliance or tool is a great way to spark interest in the kitchen. Although they might take up quite a bit of space, getting something like a food processor makes it so much easier to make desserts and snacks. Something as simple as a coffee machine might also pique your interest in different types of coffee, and you might find a new hobby!

Secret Santa

Great Food

Perhaps the most precious memory we can savor from the holiday season is the taste of amazing food. Gifts are great and it’s nice to have a present that we can use throughout the year, but wouldn’t it be great to have a delicious meal as well? Depending on where you plan to eat, you could end up being surprised by a delicious feast prepared by your family or loved ones. But you could also eat out or prepare something special yourself. It doesn’t always have to be turkey, potatoes, and stuffing. Some people like to have seafood feasts, others like meats such as duck and pork, and sometimes lamb is even used in other countries instead of turkey. Experiment with food, and don’t stick to the tradition that you’re so used to. Change it up this Christmas!

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