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How To Make Your Comeback And Play Sports Again

Babe Ruth played into his 40s. Bernard Hopkins fought just shy of 50 years old. And Jack Nicklaus, well, he still plays. Even if your ambitions of playing professional are over, there’s still time for you to get back in the game and enjoy sport again. Here’s how.

Get a tune up

You know the surgeons who patch up professional athletes? Well, the best sports medicine doctors are available to us, too. Whether your tendinitis is stopping you play golf, or you need knee surgery to play soccer again, they can patch you up and get you back in the game.

Play Sports Again

Find a local club

There are amateur leagues and sports associations across the US – with everything from softball to athletics. Zog Sports is an easy way to find teams and sports you can get involved with in your local area. And don’t be afraid to just hit the pool, court, or your local boxing gym to get started. If you want to start small, set up a WhatsApp group with your office mates, or go round your neighbors and enlist other like-minded dads ready to make their big comeback.

You don’t have to be loyal

If you played football in college, that doesn’t mean you have to strap on the helmet and storm back onto the pitch. Our bodies and characters change as we get older, so suss out which sport suits you now. Maybe handball is more you speed, or you always fancied trying lacrosse. See what’s going on at your local sports center and open your mind to trying a new game. You could even conquer that sport you tried once as a kid and sucked at.

Play Sports Again

Become a coach

If you reckon your playing days are over, there’s always the opportunity to become a coach. If you already coach your kid from the sideline, why not step up and start a youth baseball team. If you still want to be on the pitch, you could train to become a referee (and do the job properly!)

Go back to school

If sport is your passion and you want to make a career out of it, consider going back to college and getting a sports-related degree. From Sports Management to Physiotherapy, you can carve out a career in the game you love, and roll back the years by going back to uni. Here are some tips to breaking into the sports business and get on this page.

Start now!

If you’re reading this in the evening and it’s a little late to play ball, you can still do something. Like, now. Get off the couch and go for a run. Get the skipping rope out the garage. Or use those weights you’re hanging shirts on just now. Whatever sport and level you want to get back into, improving your fitness will help. Plus, a little exercise is good motivation to start out your comeback tomorrow.

Play Sports Again

The endorphins (or ‘happy chemicals’) that exercise releases. The fun of playing team sports with a group of friends. And the coach’s satisfactions of unlocking a winning play. Whatever your reason, get back into the sport you love.

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