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Looking After Your Face Like A Gentleman

The winter months ask us men a lot of ourselves. We need to drive, pick the family up and ship them around. We have to do more chores than ever to help our homes out. We have to shovel snow and ensure our homes are safe.

Your Face

But there’s one more thing that the cold asks of us. With ‘Movember’ having passed, many men around the world are taming facial hair of some sort. That being said, the cold winds of the winter months can wreak havoc on the faces of men worldwide. Now, there’s no doubt about it, facial hair is in right now (was it ever out?) and even if you can’t grow a lumberjack beard, there’s always ways to help your facial fuzz out. The key to it all is self-care. To start off, you should be looking after your body. How can you expect your hair to be healthy if your body and mind aren’t? Life doesn’t work like that! If you want your hair to look sharp, the best thing you can do right now is eat well, think well and look after yourself. There is more at stake here than how good your facial hair is and good facial hair comes with the territory of a healthy lifestyle.


The second thing you should be doing to look after your face is moisturizing. Moisturizing does exactly what it says and locks in moisture to your skin. Moisture in the skins prevents damage, keeps your skin clean and prevents aging. That means there’s a ton of benefits for what amounts to a five minute job twice a day. It can also help with bags under the eyes. Speaking of eyebrows, it’s a good idea to look at plucking or trimming. You don’t have to do this yourself, but you can avoid a monobrow by visiting a barber who can groom the hair above your eyes.


Going back to facial hair, you should be treating it like the hair that graces the top of your head. A good brush and comb will help you out once there’s a bit of length. A boar bristle brush can be obtained from Australian Beard Care Products Company Burly Fellow and will help condition the hairs on your face with every brush. A good balm or beard oil will help look after the hair on your face and will not only condition it, but help it grow! Combine the oil or balm with a boar bristle A good trimmer will do you no wrong and will help you landscape your face and beard to keep it looking clean. Following that, you might want to look at a straight razor for the bad-ass option. Just make sure to practice your technique well, because you will cut yourself!


Looking after your face is more important in the winter months and the techniques, methods, products and skills you can learn to protect your face in the winter will help you out when it comes to summer and it’s time to show off!

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