Accepting Credit Cards
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Find Out How Accepting Credit Cards Benefits Your Business

Accepting Credit Cards

Deciding to accept credit cards sometimes seems like a complicated decision to make. After all, if you accept credit card payments then you will also need to take the time to find a payment processor that can offer you a free online merchant account as well as the support and equipment you need to successfully process them. In today’s society, however, making the decision to not accept credit cards can be an incredibly damaging one. Do not forget that the majority of today’s customers expect to be able to quickly and conveniently pay with their credit cards – accepting them, in other words, means that you have a bigger reach than if you do not.

Integrate payment processing with QuickBooks           

In addition to widening your audience and helping you reach more potential customers, accepting credit card payments can help make your day a little bit easier! Thanks to service providers that integrate payment processing with QuickBooks, you can end up having to do a lot less accounting and tracking work for your business – the majority of it can be done automatically!

Free online merchant account

Something else to keep in mind when looking for a merchant processing service is how much they are charging for their online accounts. Some providers will give you a free online merchant account with some of their service packages, lowering your monthly costs and giving you one less thing to worry about paying for. This is the kind of great service that you want to have on hand when building your business!


If you need a merchant account processor that can help you take full advantage of the benefits that come with accepting credit card payments, look no further than Merchant Account Solutions. Offering a truly comprehensive set of services in addition to modern technology you need to thrive, Merchant Account Solutions can help you grow your business.

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