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Buying a New HVAC System? Here Are 4 Things to Consider

HVAC systems present a challenge to homeowners looking to replace their old models. There are so many moving parts to consider, but homeowners don’t always have enough information or all of the necessary facts to piece them together. HVAC systems can be expensive, adding further pressure to homeowners looking for the right unit. Follow this guide to learn exactly what to look for in the right system without overspending or buying the wrong machine for your needs.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

New HVAC System

While it might be tempting to choose the largest system possible to cool your home, you could actually compromise your HVAC system’s efficiency and drive up the overall cost. Large models will turn on and off repeatedly as they reach the desired temperature, which causes wear and tear on your system. Overly large units are powerful and will use more energy than necessary. When looking at different units, clearly describe the size and needs of your home. Does your home have multiple stories? Does it have a lot of windows? All of these factors will determine what size unit you actually need.

Look for Energy Efficiency

Not all home appliances are created equal. Look for Energy Star options that are proven to be efficient, and talk to your local HVAC specialist about different energy-efficient models. Many newer models have upgraded efficiency standards and use less electricity to cool your home. While you’re looking for different HVAC units, consider opting for a multi-stage device. These might be more expensive than traditional units, but they offer both high and low settings. This prevents you from blasting the air conditioning at a higher level and driving your bill up throughout the summer.

Don’t Be Afraid to Spend Money

Take a second to compare buying an HVAC system to buying a car. You can buy a cheap model with a questionable history for a few thousand dollars, but you might need to replace parts or the entire vehicle after a few months or a year. Conversely, buying a new car or a well-maintained used option is significantly more expensive, but it could run for years without major problems. This easily translates to HVAC systems. Buying a new model can have long-term benefits for your wallet, the value of your home, and your family’s comfort. You’ll find that it’s worth investing in a quality HVAC system that will last long after you’ve paid it off.

Ask Your Technician About Brands

You’ll want to find an HVAC brand your local technicians know well. If they’ve never worked on your type of system before, then it could take more time and money to fix your devices. Even worse, your technicians may have to order parts that take days or weeks to arrive. Ask your local HVAC techs for a list of preferred brands so a quick fix is only a call away.

Once you have these elements figured out, it’s all about finding the perfect system for your needs. Go into the process informed and confident that you made the best HVAC purchase for your home.

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