Ways to Chill in 2017
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Stressful Year? Here are Some New Ways To Chill In 2017

Has 2016 kicked your ass? It could well have done. If you were saving for something and lost some money or didn’t lose the weight you wanted, 2016 might have been a bad year for you. Even then, it could have just been a crappy year. There doesn’t have to be a reason. Sometimes, we forget to take a step back and decompress. We can let the stress of work and life overwhelms us so much that we just can’t wait to sleep and escape the day. That’s just not the way to live life. It’s time to relax and 2017 is the time to step up your chill-out. Here are some new, and old, ways to chill out in the coming year.

New Ways to Chill in 2017

Firstly, hit the gym. Putting a great cardio playlist on and letting your stress explodes out of your body with every step is an incredible way to get into the zone and decompress before you head home. Exercise shouldn’t be stressful and should be a way of relaxing and letting go. There are a number of ways to relax that don’t involve sweating though. A new video game console can have you fighting dragons or playing as your favorite football team in seconds. You can truly escape from life and become the protagonist in a fantasy story. It’s going to cost you, but it’s worth it. With console advances, VR headsets and 4K technology available right now – gaming can be a mind-blowing hobby if you’re willing to back it with your wallet.


Speaking of gaming, you can really take virtual reality to another level with a Golf Simulator. If the weather is too bad for a round, you can bring your friends into your home, sink a few drinks and show them whose boss. It’s a great way to decompress and is pretty much real golf, except you can’t lose your ball. If you’re interested, you should probably learn more about golf simulators before you get carried away!

New Ways to Chill in 2017

If you want to go back to the future, exploring vinyl records is a great way to relax. Vinyl records bring a human element to music listening and with many hidden Easter eggs hidden between tracks, it’s time to explore your favorite songs all over again. There’s a reason vinyl has come back into fashion and that’s because it makes memories out of your music. There’s no shuffle, no skip – it’s time to enjoy the album as it was meant to be heard. Pay respect to your music and listen to it in all of its analog glory! Be careful though, if you’re buying newly record stuff, it might be mastered digitally, meaning the vinyl isn’t the real deal – but you won’t lose the feeling of a warm listen though!


There are plenty of ways to chill out, it’s just important that you do so. Find the time to decompress and relax and let your worries ebb away. We all have too much on our minds and we can make the next year a better one by just taking some time off!

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