Saving for Summer Vacation
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Ways You Can Start Saving for Summer Vacation

Saving for Summer Vacation

You’ve heard of the saying, “summer bodies are made in the winter”—well, summer vacation is made in the winter, too. Although it may seem a bit preemptive to start thinking about summer vacation now, given we did just start the new year, it can make a world of difference. The family is counting on you to make it an epic time, so take charge now to set yourself up for the best dad award by fostering a successful summer vacation. Summer may seem far off but before you know it, the pools will start opening up and school will get out in no time. Here are some ways to start saving up so the whole family can enjoy all the luxuries on your trip.

Dedicate a savings account for summer vacation.

Creating a savings account specifically for summer vacation is a small but very efficient way to save money. Set up automatic transfers that will go unnoticed but accrue over time. Perhaps every paycheck deposit period you allocate 10% of it into this summer vacation fund. It’s a mindless way to save.

Cut unnecessary luxuries.

You can save money by ditching frivolous habits. Instead of taking the whole family out to dinner as frequently, substitute family dinner at home where everyone can help make the feast. For example, pizza night doesn’t have to be at the restaurant—instead, you could buy the inexpensive ingredients and make an activity out of it for everyone to have fun. Other luxuries you can cut out could include the daily Starbucks run. Paying three dollars for a coffee everyday adds up. Brew your own and take it to go in the morning. It’s these daily expenses that seem little in the moment, but in the big scheme of things they can make a significant dent in your overall budget.

Grow your investments.

Technology has given us a lot of gifts, especially when it comes to raising a family. Aside from using your iPad to distract your screaming kids at the restaurant, there are also apps that help you save towards your family’s future, that immediate future including summer vacation. The Acorns app works to collect your spare change made on purchases (rounding up to the nearest dollar) and using that bit of money towards your investments automatically. It’s a great way to save and you don’t even feel like you’re spending any money during the entire exchange.

Pick up a side job.

Having an extra income never hurt. Picking up a side gig can help you get your vacation fund to where it needs to be. Try working for a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft. You can do it in your spare time, perhaps after school while the kids are at practice or on your way home from the office. You can also join the Amway business, direct selling products and getting a retail margin of the profits. The company trains you on how to sell items successfully, and you can easily do it from home and on the computer on your own time.

Plan travel with the best deals.

There are so many different sites and apps that will help you find the best deals on travel. Set up flight alerts on travel booking websites like Kayak or mobile apps like Hopper that let you watch flight prices go up and down at various times and book at the most optimal moment. You can also further save money by booking housing accommodations well in advance. It pays to be proactive, especially when demand skyrockets when the weather starts warming up. Additionally, consider renting an Airbnb versus a hotel. It’ll let your family feel like there in a homier space while on vacation and, at the same time, is often significantly lower in costs.


The time to start saving or summer vacation is now. Try the various ways that can cut costs and help you manage and grow a vacation budget so the entire abode can have a grand old time thanks to dad’s proper planning.


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