My Daughter With Stephen Curry Jersey
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My Daughter Is the Biggest Stephen Curry Fan

My Daughter With Stephen Curry Jersey

First off, as a family we have always loved sports, and my daughter likes basketball the best. From the time she was a kid, that was one of the things we have done together to bond with each other. I’ve always been an Atlanta Hawks fan, but my daughter never committed to a particular team. That all changed back in 2013 when she became a huge Stephen Curry and Golden State Warriors fan. In 2015, we planned to attend the game when they came to Atlanta, but unfortunately my dad just passed away so we didn’t make it. Last year, I and she went to the game, and she called it the best night of her life. The Warriors ended up winning; she got to touch Stephen Curry and almost got his autograph.

So Much Golden State Gear

Whether it was for Christmas, her birthday or whatever occasion, she collects Warriors gear. You name it; she’s gotten from shirts, hoodies, socks, phone cases, necklaces and pretty much everything imaginable. When they finally won the title in 2015, of course she had to get all the championship apparel, and she bragged for days. If that wasn’t enough, this past Christmas, she wanted even more Warriors gear and another Golden State basketball.

Stephen Curry

My Daughter With Stephen Curry Jersey

After getting all the Warriors gear imaginable, she turned her attention to Stephen Curry. Like all the Golden State gear, she had to have everything that Curry was on, but she added posters, bracelets and head bands. Finally, I thought I was finished buying Curry and Warriors gear; she reminded me that she’s at no time had his jersey. Earlier this week, she also got her Stephen Curry jersey, and I’ve at no time saw a reaction like this one. After hugging it, snapping pictures and just staring at the jersey, she finally tried it on. It was perfect and of course; she had to wear it the next day to school.

Ice Jerseys Apparel

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