Computer Savvy Dads
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5 Jobs For Computer Savvy Dads

Computer Savvy Dads

The demand for digital skills is constantly growing as more and more of our lives become computer-based. Jobs in these fields can often be very well-paid. You don’t have to have a degree in most cases – having simply taken part in a week long course could be enough to get your foot in the door. Here are a few jobs that could be up your street.

Web Designer

Website building is big business – and you don’t even need to know much coding for the job. Certainly some HTML knowledge would be a bonus, but web platforms such as WordPress are generally code free. A number of businesses have set themselves up designing WordPress sites for companies that aren’t tech savvy. It may help to learn a bit about graphic design first – some InDesign training ought to do the trick – but otherwise you shouldn’t need too much training behind you.

Computer Savvy Dads

Web Reviewer

Similar to web designers, web reviewers can help businesses improve their website by testing navigation and user-friendliness. They then give a report afterwards of any improvements that need to be made. Web designer may use them to check that their website functions well, as well as business owners that have produced their own website. Testing websites often requires no training, just a knowledge of what makes a website good or not good and the ability to accurately articulate in words.

Data Analyst

Data analysts earn big bucks, using data to form analytics that help with marketing, accountancy and human resources. It requires a head for figures and the bigger positions may look for a degree. However, some places will let you do crash courses and basic training that could still get you a cozy position somewhere. There are even online courses in data analysis if you want to learn at your own leisure.

Computer Savvy Dads


Blogs may seem like a form of entertainment to many but they can in fact be lucrative profit-making devices if you’re a good enough writer with engaging enough content. Sites like Blogger and WordPress can be good places to start a blog. Build up enough content and you can start to make money through PPC ads, affiliate marketing and promotional posts. Alternatively, you can become a guest blogger and get paid to write content for other people’s blogs. Big entertainment sites, business websites and SEO companies all need bloggers.

Video Games Engineer

Always dreamt of creating your own video game? This can be a very competitive industry and requires some coding but if you’re dedicated enough you’ll find a way in. Virtual reality has opened up a whole new area of video games design that is in demand. You may not make it onto the Call of Duty game development team, but there are many other areas to explore from VR training exercises, mobile video game apps and internet games.

Computer Savvy Dads

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