Can You Raise A Family In A Small Home? All Is Revealed Here!

Many people believe that the perfect family home has to be big. If you have more than one child, there’s no way you can raise them in a small house, right? That’s the big question up for debate here, is it possible to do this? Do you have to buy a big house as soon as you start having multiple kids?


To begin, let’s determine what a small property is. For the purpose of this piece, we’re talking about something with only two bedrooms. Now, is this big enough to raise a family with two or more kids? The answer is yes, of course it is! You don’t have to move to a huge house as soon as you start having more kids. You can probably cope in a small house like this even if you have three or four kids. How? All it takes is some smart thinking and clever ideas. Below, you will find three things that will help you out:

Small Home

Secret Storage

A huge issue with family living is that you end up with lots of clutter. The more kids you have, the more that clutter multiplies. A lot of families feel they have to upgrade to a bigger property because they have nowhere to store all the clutter their kids produce. Well, you can turn a small property into something with loads of storage space if you’re clever about it. There are loads of ways you can create secret storage space in your home, without using up a lot of space. For example, you can customize your stairs, so each step is a storage box. Another idea is to have storage space under removable floorboards. Alternatively, something like an ottoman bed gives you lots of extra storage under your bed.

Bunk Beds

One of the big problems with having a big family is that you need multiple bedrooms. A single room isn’t big enough to fit two beds in so your kids can share a room. However, bunk beds make the impractical, practical. You can easily fit a bunk bed in the same space you’d be able to fit a single bed. The difference is, you can now have two kids staying in the same room. Furthermore, if you have a room big enough for two beds, then it’s big enough for two bunk beds! There are loads of cool designs out there too, from bunk beds for boys to bunk beds for girls. Simply put, they’re an easy way to conserve space and turn a small home with two bedrooms into a practical family house.

Open Plan

For those that don’t know, open plan living refers to a home with very few walls between rooms. Instead of having a separate kitchen, dining, and living room, everything is merged together. You have one big open room, and it creates so much more space. You’ll be amazed at how much bigger your home feels if you have an open plan living area. It gives your kids more room to play and also helps you keep an eye on them while you’re cooking. This is certainly a home improvement you should consider if you feel cramped in your house. Consider each of these things, and you can raise a big family in a small home. As such, you save loads of money by not having to move into a huge property.


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