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Flying The Nest: 4 Things To Do Before Your Kid Goes To College

If you’re one of the millions of parents who have kids that are growing up fast, college is going to be one of the big things on your mind. Though it may be several months before your kid actually packs their bags and leaves, there are a range of things you need to do to make sure they’re fully prepared for this big adventure. Here are some of the most important things for your checklist…

Teach them the Science of Laundry

Flying the Nest

This is just as much for them as it is for you! As soon as you know college is a certainty, you should teach your kid to do their own laundry and ironing, and insist that they do it themselves over the months leading up to moving day. This is one of the many life skills they’ll need once they’re living in their dorm room, and if they don’t have the hang of it then, you may end up stuck getting a stinky delivery every week!

Teach them the Basics of Finances

Flying the Nest

Being able to handle money well is one of the most valuable skills you can have as a college student, so make sure your kid arrives well-prepared. Teach them how to use an overdraft, online banking, the difference between debit and credit cards, the ins and outs of things like consolidation loans, and anything else they might need. With all the different financial apps and tools out there, you may learn a thing or two yourself! Still, it’s important to make sure your kid has at least some handle on personal finances before they fly the nest.

Teach them How to Cook

Flying the Nest

While the majority of freshmen get on some kind of meal plan as soon as they arrive, it’s important to make sure your kid knows how to cook a few meals by the time they get to college. Try to keep it as affordable, easy to prepare and nutritious as possible. There’s no guaranteeing that they won’t have way too many takeaways, but some basic cooking skills will certainly come in handy here and there. When they come back over the holidays, you can also get them to pay back at least one of the times you’ve cooked for them over the years!

Take a Family Vacation if you Can

Flying the Nest

Seen as you’re reading this, I’m sure it’s pretty mind-boggling to look at how fast your kid has grown up. Now that they’ve got one foot in adolescence and one in adulthood, it may be a good idea to take advantage of the time you do have, with a memorable family vacation. You may be strapped for cash and organizing it may be an ordeal, but creating these precious moments is only going to get harder and harder as time goes on. Failing a vacation, try and simply find some more time to spend with your kid. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did it!

Whether its months away or just around the corner, work through this checklist before your kid goes off to college!


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