Valentine's Day
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3 Ways to Save Money on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

We’re less than a week away from Valentine’s Day, so guys you know what time it is. Whether it’s for your wife, girlfriend or significant other you have to come correct on that day. Some ladies like something special from her favorite jewelry store and others like something more personal. For starters, some guys like to get the box of assorted chocolates, which isn’t a bad move. There are others who like to give their special lady a card or even better, give her a homemade card with some poetry that she’ll love. No matter if you fall into either category mentioned above, it’s a MUST that you give her some flowers. For me, no matter what I’m shopping for I like to save money and I don’t mind being called cheap either. Here are a few ways to save money when buying flowers:

Delivery Time

On Valentine’s Day, the demand for flowers being delivered is very expensive because of the high demand. For me, I’ve always had my wife’s flowers a day earlier and it’ll save you a few dollars in the process. Also, if you bought her the jewelry, got her the card, chocolates and take her out for dinner, get them for the day after Valentine’s Day.

Try Something Different

Most people like to buy roses or tulips, but there are so many different kinds of beautiful flowers to buy for Valentine’s Day. The other flowers might be cheaper and the lifespan of the flowers can last from a week on up.

Get Flowers from the Grocery Store

In the past, I’ve had success in getting my flowers from grocery stores. What’s funny, you’ll see all the guys scrambling on Valentine’s Day for flowers in the morning, but it’s not a bad idea. Also, check out places like Sam’s Club and Costco for some nice arrangements also.


Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? What do you plan on getting your loved one for the special day? Head to the comments section below and give me some feedback.

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