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Dads, Is Your Home As Secure As You’d Like To Think?

Throughout history, the man of the house has always been seen as the protector – the person who keeps the family safe. Gender roles may have changed a lot over the past few years, but as a father, naturally you always want to do whatever is possible to keep your family safe from harm. That being said, a lot of us make the mistake of thinking that our homes are as intruder-proof as possible when actually; we haven’t put that much time or effort into ensuring that they are. Sure, strong, sturdy locks on each entrance are crucial, and a security alarm is useful too, but that’s not all it takes to prevent break-ins, especially now that intruders have become much more high-tech with their break-in techniques.


Starting to wonder whether your home is as secure as you would like to think? For everything that you need to know about the most effective home security, keep reading.

Wired security alarms are ineffective


What it’s important to understand is that sadly, not all security alarms are born equal. Wired alarms really aren’t that effective as they are incredibly easy for intruders to disable – it’s just a case of snipping a wire or two. Whereas wireless alarms are much more complex to disable – to be able to disable a wireless alarm, a lot of knowledge is needed. So, if you want to ensure that your security alarm will do its job, should an intruder break in, opt for a wireless alarm. You can head to Verisure to see how the wireless alarm system work.

Your doors need reinforcing

There’s a common misconception that it takes a lot of force to break down a door when actually that doesn’t tend to be the case. Most doors, or most modern doors I should say, tend to be fairly lightweight, making them easy to break down. Heavier wooden doors are much stronger and sturdier than their modern counterparts, but due to issues with them swelling in cold weather, they are no longer a popular choice. Anyhow, to ensure that your front door is a sturdy as it can be, it’s a good idea to reinforce it – there are sets that you can buy online for this. If you take the time to read up on sites like, you can get a better understanding of how reinforcing a door makes it more difficult to break down, reducing the likelihood of an intruder entering your home.

A panic room is worth the cost


Panic rooms might seem a bit over the top, but the truth is, should an intruder enters your home, the most important thing is staying out of their way. So, in this instance, having a panic room to retreat to could save yours’ and your children’s lives. To create a panic room, it’s just a case of converting one upstairs room into an impenetrable space, so that you can safely wait it out until the police arrive. Your panic room should ideally have a reinforced metal door with a deadlock attached to it. It should also have a mobile phone, torch, fire escape ladder, and bottles of water, along with any medicines that you or your children may need.


So, there you have it, a guide to what it takes to ensure that your home is as secure as possible.

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