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Revealed: The Best Instruments To Teach Your Kids!

If you can get your kids learning an instrument, then you’ll help them improve so many additional skills. Instruments are brilliant, but which ones are the best for your children to learn? Take a look at the list below, as it has my top four picks:

Best Instruments


The piano has long been thought of as the daddy of all musical instruments. There’s something about it that just sets it apart from the rest. Many people believe that if you learn to play the piano, then you’ll find it easier to learn other instruments too. It’s a really good thing for your children to learn, as it helps develop so many brain skills that will help them during their education. Also, it’s an easy instrument to progress through. Things start off simple and get progressively harder, you won’t be throwing your kids right in at the deep end! Additionally, you can get electric pianos with headphone jacks meaning your kids can practice in peace, and you don’t have to hear any loud sounds!

Electric Guitar- Best Instruments

Electric Guitar

There’s always a debate between whether or not you should teach your kids classic or electric guitar. I prefer electric, as it just seems cooler which will appeal to them more. Plus, it allows you to get your hands on some of the top music buys such as the Marshall Amp. That’s the fun thing with electric guitars; you get a cool amp that makes the sound even more amazing. Also, guitars are fairly easy to learn, as the music can come in tab form. You can literally head online and print out loads of tabs for your kids to follow and start learning. Soon, you’ll have a mini Jimi Hendrix rocking around your house!

Ukulele- Best Instruments


A ukulele is quite similar to a guitar, but with a couple of key differences. For one, they’re smaller in size than any classic or electric guitar. Two, they only have four strings when guitars have six. As such, they’re easier to play, making them ideal for your kids. If you think they’ll struggle to learn the guitar, then this is the next best thing. Also, due to the size, ukuleles will be easy for kids to handle, and very portable too.

Harmonica- Best Instruments


There are loads of ‘wind’ musical instruments to choose from, but many of them are unsuitable for kids – apart from the harmonic. What makes this so great is that they’re very easy to learn, easy to hold, and extremely portable. So, your kids can practice wherever they are, even in the car to and from school! A bonus feature of harmonicas is that they just sound really cool. This is good as no matter what your kid does, they won’t sound out of tune.


All of these instruments are easy to learn and will be welcome in your home. They don’t create loads of noise like drums or trumpets, meaning you and your family won’t be disturbed. If you want to make your child smarter and help them develop new skills, and then get them one of these instruments.

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