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Top Sports For Laid Back People

Let’s face it, not all of us are built for hardcore team sports like football and basketball. Some prefer a less frantic and energetic experience – putting the work in, of course, but not necessarily feeling like you has made an effort. The primary thing about playing any kind of sport is to get out there, be active, and work towards a healthier lifestyle. And just because you don’t like high impact sports or taking a pummeling every other weekend doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the benefits of physical exercise. With this in mind, here are a few sports for laid back people – the kind of activities that can relax you, as well as making you fit. Let’s take a closer look.

Swimming- Top Pools


Swimming is the perfect sport for getting more out of it than you put it. When you swim through water, it’s necessary to use your whole body, which gives you an all-over workout that is hard to match while on land. Swimming is an aerobic exercise, too, which means it is great for strengthening your heart and respiratory system. If you can swim for half an hour 3-4 times a week, you will be improving your fitness by a significant amount, without even noticing.


Want to get fit and healthy while cutting some fantastic business deals? Then golf is the sport for you. It has an astonishing array of benefits that can improve your all around health. It improves your balance, helps your body fights against chronic diseases, and can even improve your mental health. Golf is also a great sport for improving your balance and posture, and it burns calories, too – an 18-hole golf course is the equivalent of walking between four and eight miles.

Hiking- Top Sports


There can be plenty of debate on whether hiking is classed as a sport – there is a significant lack of competition, of course. But make no mistake about it, while it is a relaxing activity it is also a thoroughly robust cardio workout and can help you burn a tremendous amount of calories. Hiking can improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and it’s also a core strengthening activity. Plus, nothing is more relaxing and laid back than breathing in the fresh air and taking in the spectacular views of a mountain range. When hiking, make sure you get the best trekking pole for your adventure.

Lawn bowls

OK, so lawn bowls has something of a reputation as an activity for seniors – and to an extent, this is true. But hear me out – it’s an incredibly relaxing but competitive sport that has a huge array of health benefits. It improves your fitness, self-esteem, and coordination – and it’s also a fantastically social game to play.

Curling- Top SportsCurling

If you haven’t heard of curling, you should check it out. Curling is an entirely unique sport that is sort of a mix of housework and skating. You play on the ice, and the idea is to slide a ‘rock’ towards a target, while your teammates ‘sweep’ the ice away with brushes to help change its course and be more accurate. Intrigued? If so, why not give it a go – not only is it an intriguing sport, it’s also good for muscle strengthening, flexibility and aerobic fitness.


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