Men's Jewelry Trends

Men’s Jewelry Trends and Tips for 2017

Men's Jewelry Trends

Traditionally men are not in the habit of flaunting too much in terms of jewelry. The average man generally, keeps things more conservative while wearing his jewelry and mostly sticks to his watch, a wedding band or just a class ring. Earrings were usually regarded as a symbol of rebellion while platinum and gold chains were mostly reserved for the music world. Those concepts are things of the past now. Modern times have ushered in an era where there is an understanding of style trends and appreciation of men’s jewelry including rings, pendants, and even bracelets. That means that picking a gift for your husband can be harder than ever before.

Today more and more classy and fashion-conscious men are adorning themselves with fascinating accessories that add to their charm and personality. It is necessary for you to choose the right accessories so that they make the right style statement that you are intending to make. You must keep in mind the occasion where you would be flaunting your jewelry, choose jewelry as per the need of the occasion either formal or casual. Remember different occasions would be prompting diverse ways to show off your accessories since your emphasis is on staying fashionable yet tasteful in your selections. Here are some effective jewelry style tips for the fashion-conscious men for the year 2017.

Earrings for the Stylish Men

Today the modern men are piercing both the ears as opposed to the previous popular trend of piercing only one ear. Diamond studs would continue to remain in vogue in the year 2017. However, there is a growing inclination towards the bigger stone so you could choose from a wide spectrum of cubic zirconium options which would be looking nice and tasteful. Moreover, studs in titanium, silver, and stainless steel would still be remaining widely popular throughout this year. Hoops should, however, be really small for the modern man to create a distinguished look. Gauged earrings are also gaining popularity this year.

Necklaces & Pendants Are Still in Vogue

Pendants are the most popular jewelry item for men. A hemp rope or a leather necklace with a fascinating stone pendant could instill an earthy look. However, the urban look is enhanced with a gold or platinum chain and a smart pendant. Brown or black leather with a really chunky and bold silver pendant would highlight the artistic and contemporary look. The other types of biker jewelry like necklaces with turquoise, onyx, and amber would, however, be very much in vogue. They are symbolic of the tough and the masculine qualities.

Rings Are Forever

Rings are a great way of accessorizing your hand. Most modern men flaunt amazing rings irrespective of their marital status because rings are no longer restricted to the married men only. However, even for the married men today, the classic platinum and gold wedding bands are making way for the truly smart, attractive, and durable black tungsten men’s wedding rings sold in websites like Simplicity is the key in 2017. So it is best to choose a key piece for your middle finger only. You could wear a ring with a nice stone or just a thick band. You could boost the style quotient by wearing smart tungsten, steel or titanium rings or silver with a masculine and fascinating stone like Amber, Turquoise, and Onyx.

Bracelets Are Definitely Popular

Today bracelets are certainly becoming more and more popular as men’s fashion accessories. In 2017 the bracelets are being fabricated from an impressive variety of materials like leather, rope, silver, titanium and even steel. A leather band could enhance your look and instill elements of ruggedness and manliness. A rope bracelet flaunting stones or wooden beads bring out the more artistic side in you. Layering bracelets and the link bracelets are all very much in vogue in 2017. Modern bracelets in steel, titanium and stainless steel with a gemstone or leather mix are pretty cool. Magnetic and copper bracelets are worn for two chief purposes. They are used as attractive adornments. Moreover, they help in reducing pains and aches in your hands and wrists, to be precise.


The fashionable man always stands out from the rest. The right jewelry and accessories can give a complete look to a man. Today watches have actually become centerpieces and men are wearing diamond-studded watches and exotic designer labels. Men are flaunting extravagant cuff-links for weddings and other formal occasions. Remember it is not only necessary to focus on your clothes, you must pay equal attention to your jewelry and accessories to create the complete look in 2017.

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