Where Are My Bike Riders? Here’s The Bike Rider’s Bible

If you are a biker, whether a push bike or Motorbike there are certain things you need to think about to ensure you stay safe on the road. Understand, you’re the small fry of the road. It’s very hard to miss, easy to hit and vulnerable. Not everyone can ride a bike, but those that do have nerves of steel. Here are some tips that can help you stay safe at all times. You may already employ these, but there could be some you are missing out.

Use the Right Equipment

You likely use a helmet, and if not you should, even on a pushbike; They save lives every day and should not be forgone, even if you find them uncomfortable. You need good quality leathers, to find the best you should check out reviews such as the one at Bikers Basics. Don’t stop at these though, knee pads or elbow pads can be a good shout. A fall can tear skin from them pretty fast as they are less fleshy than other areas. Footwear is important too. If you have the wrong wear you could easily slip or make a mistake causing an accident this is certainly the case in heavy rain and adverse weather so be clever and wear shoes with solid grip.

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Watch Corners

Cornering is hazardous in the extreme. You need to be careful and really watch yourself or you could end up making a serious mistake that could be fatal especially at High Speeds. Cornering is an art in terms of the motorbike; the trick is to go around the corner slower than you need to. This way you give yourself enough time to react in case you need to slam the brakes on or swerve. Overtaking on a corner is tantamount to suicide. Be careful and never thing you know better than anyone else. You can’t see through rock or metal, so approach with caution always.

Be Aware Of Blind Spots

Blind spots are areas of a driver’s vision where they can’t really see what is going on. Be aware of these and try to stay out of a driver’s blind spot. If you are in one and they don’t give prior warning you could see yourself broadsided. Blind Spots aren’t covered by mirrors, so don’t ever assume they can see you. This is even worst for truck and lorry drivers so try to be aware of these when overtaking or driving alongside them. Don’t cruise in the blind spot always try to get out of it as soon as you can.

Be Visible

This is especially the case in night or during torrential rainfall. Cyclists usually stay visible but motorbike drivers rely too much on their headlights and reflectors. It can be disorientating for drivers, so try to wear something that flashes up. You’ll likely have a jacket on in the rain, so why not make it a high visibility one. You can also get tags that you can attach to your wrists and ankles which can make it easier for other road users to spot you. Double check your rear reflector is working every time you get on your ride. Only by being sure can you be safe.

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