Learning Curve of Childhood
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The Learning Curve Of Childhood

Learning Curve of Childhood

Sure, childhood is a time of fun and joy, and a period in which kids have lots of new and exciting experiences. But it is also a very serious time as well, as some of those experiences may not be all that happy. During childhood, your child will have to go through a lot of situations and scenarios that may be quite upsetting and difficult for them to deal with. However, all of these situations need to be fully embraced so that your child gets through them and can use them as a learning curve to grow into a stronger person. Not sure which scenarios I’m hinting at? Here are some tricky things that kids will have to go through. Make sure you are there for them as they go through these learning curves, and help them to the other side.


Bullying is a nationwide problem but, thankfully, there is plenty that you can do to fight it if your child is ever affected. If it is occurring at school, you should speak to your child’s teacher straight away. They may be able to split your child from the bullies during the day. In fact, working together with your child’s school can go a long way in stopping the bullying. You should also encourage your child to be open with you about the bullying. Try and encourage them to let an adult know whenever anything happens rather than retaliating with anger.


One even that is exceptionally difficult for children to cope with is bereavement and loss. Even if it is just the death of a beloved pet, your child will still find it a very hard time to go through. Whether a relative or a pet passes, you should have an open and frank discussion with your child about what has occurred. This will give them a chance to work through their emotions. It might be a nice idea to create a memorial with your child. The two of you could look through information on different memorials that are available to buy. Alternatively, you might like to consider making your own personal one.


No one likes to be rejected, but this is something that your child is going to have to learn about. After all, it will happen to us all at one time or another! Whether your child is rejected in love or for their school’s sport’s team, you should try to encourage them to be open with you and chat to you about their feelings. You should also set a good example. For instance, if you are ever rejected for anything, don’t get too angry. This will be a very bad example to set, and your child may start to regard it as the right way to act in the face of rejection. Instead of letting your child get too upset or angry, sit down with them and write down a list of all the things they are good at.

Once your child has been through these life events, they will certainly have been along a major learning curve!

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