Family Picture- Hectic Mornings as a Busy dad
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Taking Control of Hectic Mornings as a Busy Dad

Rise and shine! Do you feel like your mornings are far too hectic for you to handle? Perhaps you have to take care of your children, wake up your partner and drive people all around town before you finally get some peace and quiet? But wait, there’s more! After your brief five minutes of peace, it’s time to drive to work and get started on your own chores—that’s a hard life! Fortunately, busy lifestyles are getting easier to manage thanks to many dads around the world who are starting to share their life hack-style tips in order to take control of their busy mornings.

Family Picture- Hectic Mornings as a Busy dad


Get a boost in the mornings

What better way to start the day than a fresh cup of a coffee? Not just instant coffee either, but proper, full-bodied and flavorful coffee made from the comfort of your own home! The best coffee grinders you can buy are relatively cheap and the taste of grinding your own beans is incomparable to basic instant coffee. Having a fresh cup in the morning is going to lift your spirits and give you the kick you need to start off your day on the right food. Accompany it with a full breakfast that will give you energy throughout the day and you’ll be surprised at how much more alert you will be.

Using technology

If you’re a busy dad then you’ll understand the importance of using technology to get mornings under control. There are countless smartphone apps that will help you keep to a schedule, and there are some fun ways to wake up on time such as syncing alarm clocks between everyone in your house so that everyone wakes up at the same time. You can also use technology to plan carpool routes or organize your day so that you don’t forget important tasks such as picking up groceries on your way to work or enabling the security system in your home before you step out.

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Preparing things the night before

If you’re finding it hard to fit in more time in the mornings despite optimizing all of your tasks, then perhaps you can find things to prepare beforehand. For instance, you might want to prepare breakfast the night before and store it in the fridge so that you don’t waste valuable time cooking. You could also tell your kids to pack their school bags and belongings before they go bed so that they have everything they need and don’t forget their school supplies.

Remove morning distractions

Everyone loves to browse the news or look at their YouTube subscription feed in the morning, but it’s very easy to get distracted and binge on videos for a good 30 minutes before you realize you’re late for work. Between you, your partner and your children, it’s a good idea to banish those digital devices until you’re all out of the door and ready to go to where you should be. Your children can use their phones in the car, but don’t let them get distracted by messaging their friends and playing games in the morning while they’re in bed when they should be getting dressed!

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