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Dad Wisdom: Things To Pass On To Your Kids

Dad Wisdom

We pass many things down to our kids throughout our lives. We nurture them and keep them safe, and we prepare them as best we can for when they leave home. But what are the really important things? What will have the biggest impact on our children’s lives?

How To Take Care Of Themselves

First and foremost is good health. Whether we become ill or not is partly due to our genetics. However, it is also due to external and environmental factors. Teaching kids healthy habits will sustain them and keep them out of the doctor’s office. But it’s not just about teaching; it’s about demonstrating that behavior. So it’s necessary that you also adopt a healthy lifestyle. Simple lessons include:

  • Getting enough sleep each night
  • Drinking enough water
  • Eating a balanced and nutritious diet
  • Enjoying treats on occasion but in moderation
  • Getting enough fresh air and exercise
  • Avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking

A Good Work Ethic

You can teach good work ethics in a number of ways. Children will pick up on your attitude towards work. They will see you getting ready to go to work each day. You may be polishing your shoes or ironing your shirt. They will hear how you discuss work and whether you are passionate about it or whether you have a negative view. Another way you can teach your kids about work in a positive way is by encouraging them to work for their money. Make their allowance reliant on completing household chores. Teach them about money and the benefits of saving. If your kids have to save to buy new toys, then this will demonstrate the benefits of working hard.

Dad Wisdom

Having Fun

It’s not all about work and hard lessons. Having fun is also important. Children who have a range of hobbies are likely to be more creative, social, and often happier. So limit screen time. Encourage them out into the fresh air to play or go on a bike ride. Get involved yourself and make it a family activity. Read reviews on sites like Bikes Reviewed to identify the best ones to buy for the family. Use the weekends to visit new places and have new experiences. Introduce them to a range of activities including visiting museums, playing musical instruments, swimming, crafts, sports, etc.

Dealing With Stress

We live in uncertain and stressful times, and anxiety and depression are on the increase. Teaching your kids resilience and how to process stressful situations will help them in countless ways, from dealing with exams to the pressure of work. A healthy mind contributes to an overall sense of well-being and happiness.

Family And Friends

Throughout your life, it is often the people around you who sustain you through good and bad times. Therefore, teaching about the importance of family and friends is important, and this begins in the home. Demonstrate it through the way you treat your family, friends and other people. Talk to them with respect and show kindness. Set aside family time each day, whether it’s at mealtimes or a story before bed. You can also plan weekend activities to do as a family.


There are lots of things your children will learn through the course of their lives. But these five things will sustain them, help them live well and find contentment and happiness.

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