Watching the Game In Style
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Watching The Game In Style, Serious Style

Watching the Game In Style

Watching sports is a predetermined characteristic among most men. No one quite knows why, but it probably has a lot to do with us being drawn to the raw showdown of a good battle, that gladiatorial vibe and salacious crowds, cheering and booing, and the glory of a great victory, and an underdog story. That is why we gather in droves to watch sport every weekend and discuss it for hours afterward. Pubs, bars, sports stadiums, and homes, everyone has their own ritual, but a ritual it is.

But how can you get the most out of your sports viewing? How can you ensure your weekend of viewing is maxed out, and that your ritual of watching the game at home becomes so good that it becomes the ritual of your nearest and dearest? Well, read on, because we are going to tell you exactly how you can improve your man cave and make it the ultimate sporting arena outside of Fenway Park.

Watching the Game in Style

The Screen

It doesn’t matter how epic you make every other facet of your man cave, it isn’t going to be a hit without the ultimate screen, so don’t skimp out here. In fact, splash everything you can in this area, head over to the guys and girls at TV installation DFW and see what they can offer you, see what the biggest screen you can get is to fit your space. Of course, size isn’t the only thing you should be concerned about when it comes to the screen because you are also going to want to watch the game in HD. Another thing to consider are those big game weekends toward the end of a season where four or five games can have a huge impact on the outcome, so it may be worth designing a viewing platform that has a huge main screen and then two smaller screens either side to have the other games on. It’s the little things.

Watch the Game in Style

The Comfort

Seats are crucial. Sure, some may choose to stand, but you are going to want to offer people some serious comfort as some games can go on. So think about what will best suit your space. Perhaps you want to go with cinema style seating that point in one direction and one direction only. Maybe you want to go with huge sofas and comfy armchairs, a few bean bags thrown in for good measure. But remember, comfort means accessibility too, so make sure people have places to put their beers. This is crucial to how the weekend goes.

The Hospitality

There is no better way to mark your dominance as a host than to have a fully working bar. We’re talking oak bar top, bar stools, working beer taps, an endless supply of ice, either a screen or a mirrored wall so that people can have eyes on the game at all time. We’re talking sports memorabilia adorning the walls, from signed shirts to iconic photos to balls and caps. The more sporting your cave feels the more people are going to see it as the only place to go.



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